Is it ok to wear mascara as your only makeup product?

I really want to keep a natural look for myself. I have long eyelashes, but I want to make them thicker by wearing mascara. Do you think that’s ok, or do I have to do the whole foundation thing too?

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  1. You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to. If you are fine how you are then so be it. I think that’s amazing you look great with just mascara. Adding foundation when you don’t need it is pointless. Why not enjoy your look? Who said you have to wear alot of makeup? Be happy with your image =]

  2. It is totally Ok to just wear mascara. I do it all the time when I want a more casual look or I just don’t have the time to do everything else. I like to use mascara and a little eye liner on the bottom of my eyes to make it subtle but still a little played up.
    :D Hope I helped!

  3. You’re probably one of those girls who has perfect skin. If by chance you don’t, then concealor is always an option. :] Only using mascara is fine my dear! Kudos for you for embracing natural beauty, btw.


  4. If you are comfortable in your skin, then why not = )
    A little blush is good too! Or lip gloss but you don’t need to so the whole foundation thang at all!!

  5. wearing mascara only is totally fine! I think a lot of girls can look too overdone sometimes, and they get caught up in using a whole bunch of products. If you feel that mascara is all you need, then that means you are probably pretty happy with your skin, and your features the way they already are. I love wearing makeup, don’t get me wrong, but sometimes you got to keep it simple. Mascara opens up the eye and makes you look awake, if there was one product I had to pick, it would be a great mascara.

  6. its okay if you think it is

    if you dont need foundation then dont use it it is really bad for skin over time. and trust me i dont suggest rushing into makeup because when you put on alot of makeup you think you look beter like that so you keep putting on alot of makeup like that

  7. of course its okay! makeup is to enhance, not to change, u should only use the minimum amount if u can! in fact, i recommend NOT wearing foundation at all, especially if u are a teenager. its very bad for ur skin! sunscreen, moisturiser and a good face milk is all u need for good skin!

  8. are you ugly? you probably are 80% of the population is. anyways you need more makeup Gawd grow up do you want him to like you or not. . . and your lashes are not that long if thats what you even want to call those sparse things

  9. perfectly fine with just mascara as long as you dont have horrible skin dont wear foundation. . it is ment to co ver flaws if you dont hav any dont wear it. it clogs your pores and causes acne

  10. Honestly, if you don’t need foundation, don’t wear it. I only wear it cuz I have really bad skin and even then, I try to keep it light. So mascara alone is completely fine! I wish that’s all I had to do.

  11. No way if you don’t need foundation don’t wear it! I don’t have very good skin but I still don’t wear foundation coz it just makes it worse, is uncomfortable and it’s really hard to find a foundation that looks good. Plus, you can’t touch your face without it rubbing off :
    So i just wear a little bit of concealer and eyeliner to open up my eyes
    You’re one of the lucky ones! Personally at the moment I’m working on improving my skin so I wont even have to wear concealer! Natural is sooo much better
    Oh and guys prefer girls to wear little/no makeup lol :)

  12. Not only is it okay, many women now are choosing to stay more natural. Healthy skin is very important to a woman all her life – since we all want to stay young looking. I wear only mascara nearly every day. The only time I put a touch of foundation and eye liner with a hint of lipstick, is when going out to dinner or a function. I also have very long eyelashes and have to use mascara sparingly, but wearing something to make your eyes stand out is great! Try new different mascara shades – blue, violet, dusty rose, forest green – they make your eyes stand out without the mess and reapplication of shadow.

  13. wearing only mascara is fine. i’d say its good too, because guys dont like it when girls wear too much makeup.

    the problem with mascara is, it usually makes your eyelashes more long than it makes them thick. i try to go for the natural eyelash thing too and i use the Covergirl eye brighten one that is specialized for the color of your eyes.

  14. Just wearing mascara is fine, i do it heaps as it’s easier than putting on everything like eyeliner, eye shadow etc

    Quick, easy and still looks great

  15. Sure. there are no rules when it comes to make-up as long as you don’t overdo any application you’re fine. . .

  16. That’s what I do. But sometimes I throw on a bit of lip gloss. Its my favorite look. If I go out I wear a little more but for everyday wear I just put on mascara and a little gloss.

  17. yes, its fine to wear just mascara.
    you can even try eyeliner or eyeshadow it you want to wear eye makeup.

  18. If you think you look pretty naturally [which you probably do], I don’t think you should go through the whole make-up process. I know about a woman who doesn’t wear anything but mascara when she goes out [and maybe some lip balm], and I don’t think it’s weird of something. Go for it!

    EDIT: Don’t listen to the haters. Facts are that most men and guys [at least around my area] are a lot more attracted to woman that look natural. And what’s more natural than almost no make-up?
    Those two that has received a lot of thumbs down, definitely deserve the thumbs down. They probably have issues with their self-esteem, and they have to pick on others to feel better about themselves. Plus they haven’t even met you. What do they know? Not a thing.

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