6 thoughts on “What black mascara doesn’t dry out eyelashes but nourishes them?

  1. I use a lash conditioner at night after I take off my mascara, and haven’t experienced any unnatural fallout. Ardell makes a pretty cheap one that works great, it’s only like around 5 dollars

  2. The absolute best mascara is the beauty tubes one! (from biore i think?) omg its the first mascara that actually makes me look like i have eye lashes. I would apply something like lotion if your concerned about nourishment though? i’ve never heard of a mascara causing your lashes to fall out

  3. What you heard is not true. Ive been wearing black mascara for 15 years and havnt had any unusual fall out. You can use a conditioning primer prior to putting on your mascara if it will make you feel at ease. . but all it will do is make your lashes look bigger. Sephora. com has tons of them, read the reviews.

  4. Almay makes a One Coat Thickening and Nourishing black mascara. I use it for an every day look but it works good.

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