3 thoughts on “Can I use Vaseline cocoa butter to remove the brown spots on my face?

  1. Cocoa butter is an ingredient in thick moisturizers, they would not on your face because it’s too heavy and oily

  2. I would not Vaseline lotion. Too much oil causes clogging your pores and get pimples. Sally’s will try and get a cocoa butter stick. It is yellow and pure cocoa butter. It might help, but it’s still greasy. I would not use it all the time, try at night, and only a little. It will leave time for the flaw.

  3. Cocoa butter is a moisturizer and can change the look and texture of the skin will improve, but no effect on the brown spots have. These are the result of Sun damage and are best used with peeling gerichtet.Versuchen you wash with baking soda. It resor correct pH balance has to remove just the right degree of aggressiveness of the surface layers of the skin, and is very inexpensive.

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