Does vaseline actually help your face?

My friend Shantasya always puts vaseline on her face before she goes to bed and then in the morning washes it off. She says it makes her face smooth, and acne free. Does it actually help? Or does it actually cause acne? My face isnt bad, but I do admit I have acne, and black-heads. I want something to make my face smooth and acne free.

5 thoughts on “Does vaseline actually help your face?

  1. well vaseline is relly thick and is actually suposed to cause clogged pores and pimples. I dont recommend using it if you have snesitive skin that has acne. vaseline wud be good for dry spots but thats it

  2. Well if you think about it, spots are formed when your skin makes too much oil for your pores to manage and so they get clogged and push the dirt up above the skin, causing a bump (this is why there is puss or white stuff in the spot) so to add vaseline (basically grease/oil) to your skin you are simply clogging your pores meaning more spots! they are however good for making eyelashes grow and lips soft. Stick to that.

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