How can I keep my lips naturally moist?

I’ve tried all chapsticks event burtbee’s and vaseline, brushing it with vaseline, drinking lots of water, and just started taking a multivitamin. Is there anyway to keep my lips moist like celeb without having to leave on chapstick? I’m a guy.

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  1. First remove all the dead skin off gently with a warm cloth then you could rub some olive oil on them. Once a day would be enough and for extra protection add chapstick even though you said it wont work the removal of dead skin cells on the lips and rubbing it with olive oil will help since i had the same problem. whatever you do dont lick your lips outside in the cold for they can get even more chapped

  2. i face the same problem. all year round ever since i was born(!) i’ve had to use chapsticks to keep my lips moist.

  3. i agree with the above but would add a lip exfoliating treatment, such as the one sold at bath and body that works well.

  4. Vaseline will only dry out your lips even more then they are, believe it or not (a beauty therapist once told me). A lot of people may say that lip balm is the answer, but I just use plane old simple sorbolene moisturizer! Applying it to my lips four times a day until it absorbs!

  5. What I do is that before sleeping I drink a glass of water. Then I wash my lips and make them soft and dry with a cotton not tissue! Then I put a homemade mixture called “Liperit” by my sister (she is a Cosmetologist) and massage my lips with another cotton piece and remember never to use a piece of cotton more than once then I sleep. . . In the morning I drink another glass of water!

    The mixture I make goes on for a week(so it doesn’t make rot) and it contains 2 teaspoon of honey, a teaspoon of olive oil and half teaspoon of any lip Vaseline(Vaseline bcoz u cant buy all the products which are found in Vaseline). You can also add a half or small cherry to give ur lips a sweet smell for approximately the next 8 hours and then mix em up and ur 1 week is going to go liptastic!but dont miss even a single night!

    This is also for all my friends who have the same problem!
    Good luck on trying it but u know it may not have such affect on ur lips if it does not suit them so plz E-mail me the result to mahrukh_masood.

  6. I Must say that my lips are always like that, summer winter they are always dry, One year now im puting vaseline aloe vera for the lips and i must say that they are much better, you can also put olive il on them, and never put your tongue on them cause that makes them worst

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