How does Vaseline help your skin?

I have heard MANY people swear by this, but I was confused as to what way it helps your skin. Does it help with anti-aging care, or pore minimization? . . or something else? Also, have you tried putting vaseline on your skin? Thank you for your answers! They are greatly appreciated

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  1. In reality, it doesn’t really benefit the skin in any way. It cannot penetrate the skin, meaning it only sits on top of your skin. In many cases, it can cause the person to start breaking out. It’s also difficult to remove from the skin due to how greasy it is. Since it cannot penetrate the skin, it offers no hydration, but it is supposed to help prevent moisture from being lost in the skin (moisture that is already there that is – if you have dry skin, it’s unlikely to help in any way).

    I’ve used Vaseline in the past on my nose when I have been sick (constant nose-blowing, leaves skin raw) and it would offer a bit of relief for a few minutes, then my skin would burn again and feel dry. Did not remove flakes, worsened blackheads and whiteheads, and was gross to use to be honest.

  2. Vaseline doesn’t do much, honestly. It’s basically just a greasy lubricant that sits on top of your skin. It can make your skin look shiny or dewy, but doesn’t help much with anti-aging care or pore minimization. Applying it to your skin can cause breakouts, because it sometimes clogs pores.

    Some makeup artists use vaseline to make skin look dewy or glisten. I’ve used it on my eyelashes to make them stand out a bit more. Also, putting it on your eyelids can give them a shiny look if you’re into glistening makeup rather than matte.

    If you have dry skin or cuts, Aquaphor can help. Aquaphor is basically Vaseline, but with more moisturizing components. I use Aquaphor whenever I cut myself shaving: it stops the bleeding without letting the cut scab. Aquaphor is a great quick fix for severely dry skin, especially on your hands/feet. I wouldn’t recommend over-applying it to your face, however, since it clogs pores just like vaseline.

    In short: Vaseline doesn’t really help with anything except appearance. Aquaphor can help with dry skin/cuts. Good luck, and I hope this helped!

  3. Vaseline does have benefits for skin. It heals rough and dry skin better than any lotion can. It is not meant to use during the day, other than on your lips. Rough elbows, heels, and knees especially in the winter can benefit greatly from Vaseline. I tend to get super dry lips, so I dab Vaseline on my lips instead of other balms because they do not work as well. It goes wonderfully under lip gloss and lipstick. I also apply a bit before bed and my lips feel soft and hydrated in the morning.

    I only used it on my face sparingly when I was taking Accutane. Normal to oily facial skin really doesn’t need Vaseline. Using a non-comedongenic lotion is better for combination/oily skin that has just been washed.

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