is vaseline bad for hair?

i have curly hair and i find that vaseline keeps it nice and neat.
is it bad that i put it in my hair tho?

5 thoughts on “is vaseline bad for hair?

  1. Vaseline will clog your pores on your scalp. Plus, isn’t it hard to wash out? You could use a palmade by physicians formula. That is what I use and it washes out easily.

  2. Vaseline is not bad for you hair however; it isn’t good for styling. I would suggest to only use vaseline in the case of basing your head for a relaxer or color. I also suggest that you u use a serum and ceramic Irons for the strait look, if you want to pull your hair back in a pony tail for the slick look use a dark gel, mix it with a little hair lotion to keep it from harding and you’ll be set.

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