11 thoughts on “Vaseline does not help to control frizzy hair ends?

  1. no but u can get hair to shine and it is at the ends, why your hair curl in endss because you have to pick you up and split ends trimed not frizz at the end or a deep coniditioner

  2. try olive oil, apply to dry hair to soak in full, with a plastic cap, wrap in a hot towel and leave it for an hour, then wash, take a small amount of shampoo, hair, concentrating on the scalp, then condition . follow with cold water ausspülen.Sie should get your hair trimmed every 12 weeks, regardless of the length, this will prevent, Split, and fuzzy ending. . .

  3. Yes Vaseline helps your hair. but I’m not so sure about your hair type. in fact, in the Caribbean [I'm] MOST PEOPLE you Vaseline or petroleum jelly based products for the hair. . . It’s cheap and it funktioniert.aber I think that maybe a little too thick for your hair. Try John Freida’s Frizz-Ease Serum. works wonders.

  4. NO! Her hair is like your skin! Do not place anything on your hair that you would / could / should not be on your body. Your skin and hair are of the same amino acids. If your skin was dry, would you cover it with Vaseline or beer or milk? Try looking for a trim or if your product to try to repair and shine by Farouk. Good luck!

  5. Get the hair to be all split ends cut off, use John Frieda Frizz Ease Hair Serum everyday after you shower and go, no more frizz!

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