Vaseline lotion mens tattoo?

Is it a bad idea, Vaseline Men Body & Face Lotion put on my tattoo? “I have no money for a non parfümiert.Es is either that, Johson’s” melt away stress lotion or Vaseline.Dank.

4 thoughts on “Vaseline lotion mens tattoo?

  1. One is no oil in the ink ihmÖl HautSetzen draws from a very, very thin layer on the tattoo!

  2. Read the label. while you should definitely avoid scented lotion on your tattoo, everything is done, moisturizing, until you get to a CVS or Walgreens to buy some non-scented, intensive treatment

  3. I swear by Aveeno Intensive Moisturizing Hand Cream. It is odorless and it helps to heal my tattoos in record time. Also, it is not greasy, it is therefore no traces. That’s my biggest complaint about some of these specialty creams to recommend a tattoo artist. I will not ruin my clothes with the cream, you know? It’s good stuff.

  4. what is the best to use unscented lubriderm. everything will burn with a smell like hell. and it has to be a water because oil lotion could fade your tattoo as deep eschar that can cause completely in color, causing

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