What are some good make up tips for hazel eyes, beige skin, and golden hair?

I always wear the same make up every day. Black eyeliner on the bottom eye, brown-black mascara, and classic beige concealer/powder. I’m sick of having such simple make up. Any tips?

3 thoughts on “What are some good make up tips for hazel eyes, beige skin, and golden hair?

  1. try adding alittle bit of blush to give your skin a rosey glow and
    maybe some light champagne eyeshadow all over your eyelid for a
    eyepopping effect :D

  2. i have blonde hair and brown eyes, but i have always read that hazel/brown eyes look good with purple toned eye shadow. i usually don’t do strong makeup, but sometimes i will put a little dusting of eggplant toned purple just above my upper eyeliner. looks nice and adds a little jolt of color. or you could put on some lipstick. i use a colored gloss from sugar, called rose’. now they have a little darker one called plum – you can find them at sephora.

  3. Hmmm. . . funny. This sounds just like me. Blonde, hazel & beige.

    One thing I would suggest is lighten up on the eyeliner because light hair and hazel eyes pop so much more when they aren’t surrounded by a bunch of black. I never put black eyeliner on my lower line anymore. (it took me years to realize this)

    Try a shade of light pink or light purple on your lids. . . that really makes the green come out in your eyes. You should also try using a very very dark (almost black) shade of purple eyeliner once in a while to spice it up.

    Make sure to use a touch of bronzer right below your cheek bones (do the fishy face) then a dab of blush over it and on your cheekbones.

    Don’t be afraid to try new things. . . go out and buy stuff that looks intriguing to you. Then before you go to bed or a night where your hanging at home (so it doesn’t matter what it comes out looking like) start playing with it. Try dramatic things and also try natural looks. Take a picture of yourself then take off your make up and try more until you come up with a bunch of looks you like. Make sure to take a picture of the ones you like so you don’t forget.

    what I usually do is. . .
    Play with my makeup and try something intense
    Take a picture of the makeup/colors I used
    Take a picture of my face
    Wipe it off
    Do it again. . .

    I’ve been doing that same routine for years and thats always how I do my makeup different all the time. . . . practice makes perfect.

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