10 thoughts on “What benefits can i have with using Vaseline(petroleum jelly)?

  1. great for the lips.

    cheaper than most scented high $$ versions

    u will be slippery?


    best of luck

  2. I really prefer Eucerin and Aquaphor’s line of products, because they also heal very, very dry skin, but they won’t make you greasy the way Vaseline will. Eucerin has a bunch of different formulas, so you can match it to your skin type. Aquaphor is hands down, the BEST lip balm out there. I don’t have to reapply it for hours, and since it’s not colored or flavored, both guys and girls can use it. Vaseline can heal dry skin, but it could make you break out because it’s so greasy.

  3. commonly people see it as a great lub for inercourse
    but i recently found out by experience
    i dropped my striaghtner while it was on high. me trying to be smart and grab it before it fell i caught the hot part. i had to have a 2nd degree burn. i had nothing at my house to help the pain. i only had one bandaid left. so i grabbed the Vaseline and rubbed it on the burn spot and put the bandaid on it. almost end of day i took off the bandaid no blister what so ever. now that what i do all the time.

  4. CHAPPED, DRY, and BURNT LIPS – Apply Vaseline everynight before sleeping and your lips would be as good as new within a week.

    DRY SKIN – VASELINE does the trick.

    CUTS – VASELINE helps heal little nicks and cuts anywhere on your body. It even stops your cuts from bleeding.

    EYE BAGS – According to Tyra Banks, this works wonders for your eye bags. Worth a try right? She IS a supermodel!

    D.I.Y. AT HOME HAIR COLOR – Prevent your dye from sliding to your forehead and staining it (yikes!) by applying Vaseline to your hairline. It’ll catch any dye and make it stay where it’s supposed to stay!

    EYELASHES AND EYEBROWS – Apply VASELINE to your eyelashes and eyebrows everynight. We’re not sure about the eyebrows, but we’ve tried putting VASELINE on our lashes everynight, and we’ve seen new lashes popping out of nowhere! This seriously works – we wrote about it in our post, VASELINE DOES Make Eyelashes Grow!

    MAKEUP – Mix your fave eyeshdow color with VASELINE to make a cream shadow, a cream blush, or a new color lipgloss. Also, if your fave lipstick is running out, transfer it to a small pot and add VASELINE to it. Instant colored lipbalm!

    FRAGRANCE – Apply VASELINE wherever you apply your perfume, and we promise it’ll make the scent last longer. The scent would last longer in the moist area, and also heighten the perfume to it’s full potential!

  5. None. 0 sorry to say to all the advice you have Petroleum jelly is one of the very worst things you can ever use on your body!
    This also includes mineral oils/baby oil.

    Don’t believe me. Take mineral oil 1/4 cup
    and add it to a dish and place a saltine (cracker) in it.
    add a 1/4 of water to another dish look at the cracker in distilled petroleum ? HARD –

    Google Petroleum – it is a cheap ineffective product many cosmetic companies use. Why? It’s cheap. Hardens your skin not soothes it and over time your body absorbs this product = not good. I know many people swear by it but if they researched Petroleum – they may realize it’s not what they think!!

    I know I was a huge baby oil person until I have been educated as a skin care consultant – and now I read labels.

  6. My best tip? Use Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula. It’s truly magical. I’ve had the driest skin imaginable all my life, and have tried every product known to man. I use this now, and my skin is amazingly moisturised. You’ll see incredible results very fast. Use it on lips, or anywhere on your body. Petroleum jelly is NOT good for the skin, as already addressed by a previous respondent.

  7. I don’t believe petroleum jelly has ANY benefits. People use it as a moisturizer for their skin or lips, but it actually suffocates your skin leaving it dehydrated. It may temporarily provide moisture, but in the end it leaves your skin dehydrated and wanting more. Try to avoid all products with mineral oil or petroleum.

  8. The only things I really use Vaseline for is removing eye makeup it works better than any eye makeup remover. Occasionally for my lips if I am out of chap stick and if you dye your hair it is good to put on your forehead and neck and ears by the hair line so if you get dye there it won’t soak into your skin. I used to use it for lubrication during sex but my doctor says that is the worst thing to use cause it attracts dirt and germs and you don’t want that inside you. But I love it for taking off makeup!!

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