What color eye makeup should I wear with a formal orange dress?

I will prom with my boyfriend. I wear a dress, which is formally a pale orange color. It is a simple but beautiful dress. I do not know how I want to do my make-up.

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  1. Na Hum I’m going to post pictures of girls with orange einde maybe you an idea of what one to get it. They all seem very natürlich.Aber if I were you I would just smoky eyes and a peach lipstick with Lipgloss.wie these links hierhttp: / / img241. imageshack. us/img241/2370/smokey2zs5. jpghttp: / / www. vogue. com. au/var/vogue/storage/images/media/images/angel2/4909-1-eng-GB/angel2. jpghttp: / / www. mrsglobe. com / images / globallytouchedorange. gifhttp: / / www. 1designer clothing. com/wp-content/uploads/2007/08/orange-dress. jpgps It also depends on your skin tone

  2. You could do almost any neutral color – like a shimmering champagne or gold, bronze or brown / gold smokey Auge.Selbst a light pink or coral shade would be nice!

  3. wow, I think orange is not a good color for an evening gown. but when I’m only a boy. but I think you want to know, with a somewhat neutral, like a gray or something that will match your eyes.

  4. neatral colors! they make the eyes look out with a rather sticky peach-colored eye Sun . . . . . . . . . .

  5. They could have received one of these eye shadow kits that are three or more colors in the same Palette.Versuchen you a set in peach tones to finden.Ich would a dark shadow (probably dark gray or brown) then jump on the eyelashes, a dark shade of peach or tan in the crease of the eye and fade it to a light peach to the Augenbrauen.Sollten for the beautiful, radiant eyes, you machen.Verwenden two or even three layers of mascara to get large, long-looking lashes (the Most maybelline mascara works wonders here to work) and tip it with a lipstick in the same color as eye shadow. No pink or red, real – or rather an Umbra ziegelrot.Ich like what to do, instead of lipstick and lip liner. . Only in your whole mouth fills with him and follow with a little lip gloss. Lasts longer and looks great aus.Viel luck!

  6. Since you want prom dress is orange, you will probably stick to neutral shades of brown, gold, bronze or yellow-brown Farben.Hier is a tip — Apply some loose powder foundation under your eyes before applying eye shadow. The excess powder eyeshadow gets loose and you can wipe them all away with a soft cloth after you on your eye make-up are done putting.

  7. Wear eye shadow and eyeliner, mascara with your hair color that matches. Perhaps a lighter shade to wear the beginning of your eyelid and a really light shade under your eyebrow easily

  8. never your eyeshadow with your outfit: / So I would suggest a golden brown, perhaps with a touch of cream verwenden.haben the darkest color of the closet and go out of your eye more easily than you made the eyebrow area. . Good luck and hope everything goes well

  9. neutral colors, light shades of pink or just the Smoky Eye Shadow Trio EyeNYX has a # TS11 Orange Golden Orange and peach. . Do not worry, they are not real orange-y lol, they also have in lip gloss Oro, tearose or candy shop, that I think are pretty. If you are the traditional smokey eye, and then only wear a clear or light color gloss.

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