What color eye-shadow should I wear with my orange prom dress?

I have a bright orange prom dress that poofs out at the end. It has tiny blue and orange beeds on it. I have a red hair, and I’m light-skinned. I am thinking about getting a spray-tan that is just one shade darker than my skin tone for my dress. I am not sure what color eye shadow to wear. I like the “smokey-eye” look, but I’m not sure what colors. Do you have any ideas?

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  1. Don’t do smoky. Your dress is already dramatic You don;t want to be over the top. So do like a brown with sparkles ..

  2. I would opt out on the eye shadow, I think that would just be too much color and you’d end up looking clown-ish. Instead, use a *little* black eyeliner on your top lids and get some nice mascara. Your eyes will still stand out, without looking over the top

  3. you should wear gold sparkly eyeshadow with orange liquid liner on your eyelid. try Barry M glitter dust topped off with MAC liquidlast liner in auto orange

  4. What color are your eyes, I think green with some light brown or gold. If your eyes are green or brown I think this would look really good. If they are blue, blue eyeshadow on the lid and lighter shade under the brow.

  5. Last year for prom I had kind of a burnt orange dress and I did the whole “smokey-eye” thing too. I used silver and brown I think. I don’t know how that would look with flat out orange but I thought it looked great with burnt orange.

  6. hmm honey i would find an eyeliner that matched the beads of your dress and then blend it with a gold on top of it… you dont want tooo much!

  7. Wear a gold shimmery base with a brown frosty espresso in your crease(frosty dark brown not black). If dark brown is a little to deep for your taste try a coppery brown instead. Use a dark brown mascara and dark brown liner. Apply a dark brown liquid on top of the eye liner. This will prolong your wear and give you more of an evening look. Use a bronzer as a blush. For lip color fill in your entire lips with a lip liner in a coral or warm shade (this will stain your lips and keep your lips colored for the night) apply a matching lipstick over the lip liner. apply a shimmer lip gloss to the center of your bottom lip.(merle norman sells lip pencil plus it has liner on one side and lipstick on the other try coral rust or peach brandy. There small and easy to take along). Most important have a great night!

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