10 thoughts on “what fragrance does hollister use to spray their clothing?

  1. I don’t think that don’t use fragrance… I think it is the store smell going into the clothing.

  2. It probably is their cologne, I’m not sure, but they DEFINITELY spray their clothing! One day I was sitting in a chair in the entry way waiting for my daughter and one of the employees came to the mannequins in the front and sprayed the clothing with a large sprayer bottle. I absolutely LOVE the smell of that store!

  3. i used to work at a hollister as a brand rep.
    we always sprayed the front room with “jake” for men and the back of the store with “malia” for women.
    if that helps.
    we’d seriously use a half a bottle a day.

  4. I think it’s their latest perfume they have in stock.I know it smells so good!My aunt bought a perfume their for christmas =]

  5. Actually they don’t use any of their fragrances to spray the clothing… They actually use whats called a spritzer. it just like a scent that is unisex that they can use through out the store… But unfortunately they dont sell it in the store :( But alot of the fragrances smell very similar so you could possibly try them

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