What inner lid eyeliner is best for sensitive eyes?

I have a health condition, lupus, that causes dry eyes. I like wearing makeup, as I feel that has always been a look that I prefer. I am saying this because I know ahead of time that some persons, just like some of my family, are going to say “Simple – Don’t wear makeup.” Well, believe me, I look scary without eye makeup, as I have white eyelashes and very pale eyebrows.

I want to know if anyone else with dry eye problems has found an eyeliner which can be used on the inner lid without it causing burning or other problem issues?

6 thoughts on “What inner lid eyeliner is best for sensitive eyes?

  1. I have very sensitive eyes also, and I’ve found that Revlon ColorStay is great. It hasn’t caused any burning or any issues for me.

  2. I dont have lupus, but I have to be careful with eyeliner because I wear contacts.

    I’ve found that Blinc’s Kiss Me Eyeliner does really well with my sensitive eyes.

    You should check it out =)

  3. you should try the gel linners… they are intense in color and won’t smudge or wear off. They are great for an all day wear without touch up. Don’t think they won’t make your eye dry out cause unlike liquid liners these dnt run. You apply them up a liner brush . check out the Mac site. also they have them available thru Sephora “smash box” they are hypoallergenic and even safe for contact users.

  4. you may have an allergy sweetheart. you may want to try a line called LORAC. it is made for people with a lot a sensitivity

  5. Search for bee luscious cosmetics they have an eyeliner with aloe vera and chamomile which is healthy for your eyes. Its the very best, also look into their natural dietary product FRESH ROYAL JELLY, my sister has Lupus and was always very tired and depressed, she started on the fresh royal jelly and is doing incredible. Its a natural food supplement that you eat everyday, contact the company for more information on the products, they are beeroyalproducts.com good luck.

  6. Have the same problem, sweetie – dry eyes through contact lens wear. My eyes are also fairly sensitive. The best, and longest lasting eyeliner i’ve found it by Maybelline, called ‘Great wear’ eyeliner. Lasts for hours and hours on the inner rim of my eyes, and doesn’t cause any burning or sensitivity. Also fine for when you use eye drops for the dryness, it doesn’t seem to affect the eyeliner.

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