What is a good eyeliner for people with allergies?

My wife tried Mary Kay and Avon but the eyeliner irritates her eyes. Is there a good eyeliner out there that won’t do that?

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  1. My older sister has allergies to some make-up.So she tryed alot of different eyeliners.but the best one that didn’t bother her eyes was the cheapest one they had which was only$1.00 at Dollar Tree.If you have a Dollar Tree in your city the name of the eyeliner is…..(L.A. Looks)just incase you want to buy the cheap stuff.Luckily i do not have allergys to make-up so I can use anything.The one I am using is ….Maybelline New York.Good-Luck on finding an eyeliner that actually works.Hope I helped.

  2. What kind of allergist. I have very serious allergies I even get weekly shots adn I use Mary Kay so I think she needs to check with her Doctor to find out what she is allergic to and get ingredient list before she buys.
    Is she putting it in the inside of her eye if so that is the problem.

  3. did she use the avon glimmerstick waterproof? b/c i have horrible allergies and that one works great for me

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