13 thoughts on “what is a good substitute for vaseline? i cannot find ours, and need to use something like it.?

  1. Something around the house? Olive oil is great for cuticles, lips, dry patches, etc.

    Aquaphor is a good substitute product that you may have if you have young children.

  2. What are you using Vaseline for. If we knew that maybe we could suggest a substitute.

  3. Some lip products are similar to vaseline, or try vegetable oil from the kitchen. What are you using it for?

  4. arghhh good question. try cocoa butter, lard. Go to the store and buy a new one if you don’t have those things. peace out <3 cutiepiexx3

  5. Some other form of petroleum jelly.After all that is what Vaseline is anyway.You may find substitutes,but you didn’t express what are using it for.

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