What is the best brand of eyeliner to use that won’t smudge under my eye?

I have tried several different types of eyeliner and it seems as the night goes on it starts to smudge in the corners and underneath my eye.

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  1. maybelline – i dont even buy the waterproof kind. this stuff is great it never comes off! only with eye make up remover

  2. I’ve had better results with MAC Blacktrack “gel” eyeliner than with anything else I’ve ever tried. It goes on wet enough that you can smudge it and work with it a bit, but once it dries, it’s there for the entire night (or day).

  3. There really isn’t ANY eyeliner that will never smudge under your eyes.. Believe me I’ve tried them all. However I’ve learned a few tricks to make really any eyeliner less likely to smudge..
    -I use MaryKay eyeliner, but that’s besides the point.. you can do this with any eyeliner..

    — Put your eyeliner, (pencil or twisty pencil thingy: it doesn’t matter), in the freezer and keep it in there when you’re not using it or when you don’t have it with you. It really does help a lot with the smudging and mine, personally, doesn’t smudge when I do this.

    Hope I helped. : )

  4. loreal bare naturale eye liner powder, it comes with a thin liner brush to apply it with. I lovvvve this product. It don’t smear, or smudge, and last all day. and is verrry black.

  5. Use Maybelline line stylist. It’s like those long roller crayons that crayola makes, only skinnier. Buy at: Publix, Wal-Mart, or CVS. Every other kind of eyeliner I’ve tried:: pencil or liquid does just that. I know what you mean!!

  6. i tried a bunch of different eyeliners and they all smudge… what i do now, is that i use an eyebrow pencil that isn’t too rough as an eyeliner… it works pretty well and i don’t have to worry about it smudging anymore

  7. Ok well i had this problem, I use to use Pencil eyeliner. But i had that problem. I went throw everything except like the $20 eyeliner. But i find that you dont need eyeliner that expencive and still does the same problem. Get the plastic crank ones. where all you do is twist and turn. Also look for waterproof on it. I use the Maybelline New York Unstoppable, or Rimmel London Exaggerate, or Loreal Paris. But see this what i do. I switch off. Cause i dont just use black. These are really good. but if you are really good at putting on eyeliner Liquid is bomb proof. Liquid problem is if you get it in you eye is burns for a bit.
    You may also want to try HIP. i abs. love it. its where you have a brush to put it on. But they arent like normal colors. But i use it for my top lids. I hope you find some good eyeliner :] or what you can do with the old stuff is keep applying and fixing but i know it is a pain.

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