What is the best brand of make-up brushes at a reasonable price?

I want to buy a set of makeup brushes, but I do not know which brand is the best. I do not want to spend too much money, but I want a little quality.

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  1. Sephora, Sephora, Sephora! They have the largest selection of Foundation Brush Eye Liner Brush and you can have get set, that everything you need PLUS a cute bag or case for them all!

  2. I love MAC brushes. but they are teuer.Mein second favorite is Coastal Scents. The brushes are soft, and they are cheap! every year, Costco has (if you know), this gift set of brushes for about 22-30 dollars. There are 12-14 such as brushes, and let me just say they are amazing! You definitely get more for what you pay. Also try the elf eye shadow brush, his great and only $ 1! Hope I helped:]

  3. Not only can a good set of makeup brushes at an affordable price. I have tried all the cheaper brands, and it’s just throwing money away. I recommend Clinique brush, because they are soft as silk, like the air feel on your face, and they have an antibacterial coating as well. Do not buy brushes Sephora. You throw like crazy and they are not very soft either. After a while, cheap make-up brushes feel like sandpaper on your skin, they do not wash well, and they shed, and at very distorted. It is better to buy your brushes one at a time when they can afford and buy good. If maintained properly, they will take a decade. Clinique sold their brushes in a sentence, and maybe you can ask it for Christmas.

  4. In terms of my foundation brush, I got one of TooFaced. Its expensive, but worth it. In other brushes, I think I can get away with cheaper. Meijer sells some that are around $ 6 for two brushes, and they are really soft. Also, if you go to bed Bath and Beyond (or other storage, like them), they often have a brand called Posh, which is really nice. The set comes with 10 brushes for $ 20.

  5. Girl, let me tell you a secret : the cheapest place to get quality brushes cheap is in the painting section of an art store. I know pros who go there and the results are breath taking.

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