What is the best eyeliner that wont smudge?

Every eyeliner that I have tried has smudged (even though they say smudge proof) and I need one that will last all day?
*Im not a fan of liquid eyeliner
Any brands or tips are needed!

5 thoughts on “What is the best eyeliner that wont smudge?

  1. MAC’s eye kohl in feline.
    its an amazing black eyeliner that will not smudge.

    & just a tip, if you wear black pencil eyeliner & dont want it to smudge throughout the day. set it by putting black eyeshadow over it. and it will keep it from smudging. i suggest carbon by MAC because its the blackest eyeshadow you can get lol & just use an eyeliner brush. or an angeled brush.

    hope this helped.

  2. I use Urban Decay Glide-On 24/7 in Zero . I love it .
    It goes on soft so you can blend it .
    And then hardens so it’s long-lasting . =]

  3. i recommend rimmel london special eyes in stormy gray. i know its a pencil but its actually like squishy and not hard.. its really good! you can make it look black (if you put it on hard) but you can also make it look sorta like a light gray if you sorta.. feather it on. you can get it at target for 2 or 3 dollars!

  4. i would say liquid..ahah
    but since you don’t like it
    i would recommend the l’oreal or wet’n’wild cream eyeliner
    ;D they both work veryy well, and don’t smudge at all
    and they’re really cheap

    <3 soopaa

  5. I love almay’s black eyeliner. I think it’s a crayon but it goes on thin and it lasts really long. Good luck!

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