What kind of make up should a 15 year old wear to SCHOOL?

My cousin is 15 and she wants to start experimenting with make up, so any ideas? She has brown eyes, brown curly hair, and thick groomed eyebrows. Oh and something light, since you know, she’s going to school, not a club.
Thanks in advance!

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  1. Sounds like me, ahah I have brown eyes, brown curly hair, and thickish eye brows.
    Try a little brown eyeliner then a nice shimmery brown shadow with a clear gloss on the lips and mascara.

  2. I’m 14 and I put on concealer (one shade lighter for undereyes, same shade as my skin for blemishes and redness) then I set it with a light dusting of mineral powder.
    Next, I take my white eyeliner and line my waterline to make my eyes look awake (you need that for boring lessons LOL), then I put on some mascara and chapstick and run for the bus. =D

  3. she should go for a natural look!
    she should experiment with makeup over the weekend.
    find what look she likes best. my cousin whos fifteen only wears eyeshadow and eyeliner with mascara nothing else.
    some ppl go all out with makeup.
    I have brown eyes and brown hair my favorite eyeshadow is at cvs walmart or target. its almay intense icolor powder shadow trio for hazels #203
    i prefer that than the ones for brown,
    yall should go to a Sallys if yall have one… they have pretty much EVERYTHING.

  4. ok she should definately go for a natural look so she can get used to applyin and then she could experiment with bright colrs…
    a nice light pink would be a nice shadow also she should wear brown eyeliner because its not as dramatic as black and have her wear a lil mascara and finally a light shade of blush and a lip gloss no volor just for shine

  5. face: try a translucent powder or powder foundation. don’t use concealor unless u need to hide a blemish or have dark undereye circles

    eyes: have a long lasting mascara and eyeliner. you don’t want it to run during school! if you do wear eyeshadow, wear natural colors.

    lips: always wear a moisturizing chapstick and add some lip gloss or a lip stain for longer wear

  6. I’m 16. I would wear a neutral pink(can be shimmery) or a light brownish colored eyeshadow – or both! Swipe on a bit of brown/black mascara. Add a bit of blush to make her seem rosy and warm and if she needs it, a little powder to loose the shine on the skin. Too much makeup can be a distracting in school, so neutrals are great!

  7. Blue looks great with brown eyes.
    Rimmel London Exaggerate in ocean (#221) is what I use. It’s great and inexpensive.
    Mascara CoverGirl Lash Exact in Blue, makes the eyes pop without making you look strange. it doesn’t go on clumpy, yet makes your lashes subtly fuller.

    CoverGirl has a great liquid concealer, under $8.00, get a lighter tone for under her eyes (if she has dark circles) and her exact tone as well as maybe one a bit darker if she tans often and easily.

    Hope this helps.

  8. maybe she could wear a light brown eyeshadow, brown waterproof mascara, powder, and just like, a pink lip gloss. or maybe lip balm, if she doesn’t like gloss. I wouldn’t recomend eyeliner, though because if she doesn’t have time to fix her makeup, the eyeliner could start to melt off or smear or something.. i don’t really know. but it’ll come off and not look right.
    that’s pretty much what I wear to school & i’m 15, so i hope i could help(:

  9. Skin: Use a concealer on any blemishes and dark circles and dust some translucent powder all over to set the concealer and sop up oil and shine.

    Eyes: For her eye color, a navy, plum, or rich brown shade would be pretty. Apply it on the top waterline and in between top lashes. Also, use a white eyeliner or shimmery white eyeshadow on inner corners to make eyes appear bigger and brighter. Finish eyes with clear or brown mascara.

    Lips: Keep it light and sweet with a warm pink, peach, or rose shade of tinted lip balm and/or gloss.

    Good luck!

  10. natural look light foundation mineral powder clear lip gloss or Vaseline
    thin line of liquid eyeliner on the top lid and some mascara
    good luck !

  11. Well it varies really. For example I usually wear concealer and a bit of brow pencil (which looks very natural as I just want to fill in a couple of gaps) Maybe she should wear eyeliner and concealer? Tell her not to go overboard! :)

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