4 thoughts on “What’s the difference between mineral make-up and normal make-up?

  1. I’m going to sound like I work for Bare Minerals, but I don’t, I just like the brand. . .
    Mineral makeup is supposed to be made from natural materials. For example, ID Bare Minerals is supposed to be made from crushed rocks (I say “supposed to” because as far as I’ve found, I can’t look up the ingrediants in the makeup). Since it’s made from natural ingredients, it is supposed to be better for your skin. I believe it. I use it and so far my skin looks and feels better than it did with other foundations.
    ID Bare Minerals does all sorts of make up products, foundation, blush, bronzer, eyeshadow, eyeliner. I’m not sure if their lip products and mascara are also supposed to be natural, but all of the other products are made from minerals.
    I like mineral makeup better because, once you learn what goes into other types of make-up (animal fat, fish scales, and other gross stuff), how can you put that on your face?

  2. For realistic coverage w/minimal effort try Arbonne’s about face mineral powder foundation w/spf 15, this is awesome! all of their products are pure,safe and beneficial! they are swiss formulated but made in the usa they are the best products i have ever used and I have worked in Spa’s for over 15 years!

  3. Normal makeup has all that gross stuff in it and usually makes most people break out.

    Mineral makeup is healthier and is made from natural ingredients and is great for people who break out (like me) and who have oily skin. I use Bare Minerals and I love it. I have oily skin/occasional zits/acne scars and it does wonders for my face and I hardly break out anymore and it keeps my oilyness under control. Most mineral makeups have bronzers, eyeshadows, blushes and eyeliners that are made from minerals. I dont think their mascara and lipsticks really are . . they may have some minerals but arent exactly ‘pure’.

    There is Arbonne, Youngblood, Bare Minerals and Everyday Minerals are supposed to be the best mineral makeup out there.

    With bare minerals you get the 2 foundations, warmth (kind of like a bronzer), and mineral veil.
    Here are some more bare minerals products: http://www. sephora. com/brands/bare-escentuals/brand_assortment. jhtml?brandId=5737&categoryId=S10854&pCat=C108

    You can also look into Everyday Minerals: http://everydayminerals. com/

    Arbonne Minerals: http://www. arbonne. com/products/about_face/face/minPowder. asp

    Youngblood: http://www. ybskin. com/

    So overall, mineral makeup is healthier for you skin and not so oily acne causing like regular makeup.

    Hope that helps!

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