14 thoughts on “Which fragrance for women has a scent that lasts longest?

  1. i’ve been using victoria’s secret vanilla lace body spray & lotion for years now & it’s awesome. i get tons of compliments on it all the time. it lasts a long time (all day really) & it’s a really nice smell.

  2. use parfum or eau de parfum instead of eau de toilette. they have a higher concentration, thus last longer. for me, chanel no.5 lasts the longest with just a dab. to keep scents true longer, keep them in their original boxes and store at cool, dry places with no direct sunlight.


  4. When you spend money on perfume, make it count. I love Chanel no 5 for the same reason every woman loves it, it lasts, it is delicate but distinct and it is unmistably Chanel.

    That having been said and noted I love Macy’s perfume selection, especially Lilly Rose, it is their signature perfume and is wonderful.

    I stick with the classics, black opium, 24 carats, white shoulders, shalimar, xia xiang, chanel, and since it was rethought, white diamonds. I never use perfumed lotions, too drying for my skin.
    I always use chanel body soap, l’air du’t’emps body spray, and some patiouli or other musky scent on my pulse points if I am going out in that kind of crowd.

    I always use a mild, gentle cream lotion soap for my face, or I use only water. I always use Avon skin products. I am turning 51 this saturday, I haven’t a wrinkle in my face, no blemishes, and clear soft skin. I have never had acne, never a blackhead, and my pores are non existent. I thank nightly cleansing and moisturizing, Avon skin care and always always having gone for facials at least once a month since I was 25. Avon does work miracles on my girlfriend’s faces, friends over 55, sun damaged and just neglected. If their skin can comeback so can anyone’s.

    I don’t sell avon, but I am a living and breathing billboard. I love my avon lady.

  5. I personal use white diamond and sparkling white diamonds and I also use Paris Hilton and Brittney spears curious they last all day and if you take a good shower in the morning with a good smelling refreshing soap you will be smelling good all day (I use ivory soap)

  6. If you have long hair I found putting the perfume in your hair around the neck area works great because your hair locks in scents (just like it does to shampoo and hair products).

  7. The longest lasting one I have used is Cesar’s Woman from Cesar’s palace in Las Vegas. I got many compliments on it too.

    To make a fragrance last longer, dab Vaseline on the wrists before you apply perfume on them. Perfume stays longer on moisturized skin. Also, layer. Use the lotion of the same perfume and layer with the perfume.

  8. Victoria’s Secret perfume… the “Very Sexy”… I love it. It has a very feminine smell, and lasts long. After a while you may not be able to smell it, but I get compliments all the time.

    That or Clinique Happy, Shania by Lady Stetson, Curious by Britney Spears, and Paris Hilton’s perfume.. but I’d most def. Very Sexy before any other tho..


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