Why Do People Use Vaseline To Fight?

I always hear about girls getting vaseline to fight. Why is that? I heard they put it on their face. Also does it really help when you fight. If so I might start to use it.

10 thoughts on “Why Do People Use Vaseline To Fight?

  1. putting vaseline on your face makes it slippery. so when you get punched, the punch slides right off. they cant get a good grip

  2. You reason you use Vaseline is in case the person you are fighting tries to scratch your face up. When they scratch you they scrape off Vaseline instead of skin. It’s like a protective layer.

  3. basically its a protective layer, it protects again scratches and severe damaging and it helps to “soften” the effects of a hard punch by making the surface of the skin slippery.

  4. yea it works.. its slippery so when someone tries to get you they cant (: but you needa apply a lot and possible all over the place where they can get their hands on

  5. They use it so that when they fight and a person tries to scratch them they wont get any scratches on their face

  6. If your a smart fighter, which most people aren’t, you’ll go for the stomach area, than when their on the ground wipe that Vaseline in their eyes so they can’t see anything, give them a hard blow to the diaphragm, they won’t be getting up to quick.

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