Will Vaseline Petroleum Jelly help my feet to be soft?

My feet is not that calloused but it has some callus. I want it to be soft and callus-free, so I apply Vaseline on my feet before I go to bed and then put on socks. Will this make my feet any better?

7 thoughts on “Will Vaseline Petroleum Jelly help my feet to be soft?

  1. I do this everytime my feet need a little attention, my mum taught me who was taught by my grandma so it goes back generations and it really works like a charm. Before putting on the VPJ use a pumice stone with a mixture of sea salt and olive oil and gently exfoliate your feet and give attention to those calluses then wash thorugly and dry and aply your VPJ and socks. Do it fr a few days for great results. Also try it on your hands with cotton gloves when hands become very dry for a few hours-its actually better than the most expensive handcreams available. :-)

  2. Perhaps ask ur doctor to refer u to a chiropodist so the calloused skin can b removed,or go to a decent beauty salon for a pedicure to have it removed. The vaseline/sock idea is great but it wont make any hardened skin disappear. If its not too bad try rubbing it with a pumice stone or foot file,there is also an amazing product called sloughing lotion,u put a pea sized amount on an area of dry skin (on the feet only tho)and u simply rub and rub and rub until the dry skin literally gets rubbed away(trade secret)u can only buy this frm salon services or beauty salons tho. Once the calloused skin has bn removed keep up the vaseline in socks overnight that’ll keep ur skin beautifully soft. Hope this helps!

  3. I just did this for my hands while I was watching TV. I kept rubbing ti over my fingers, knuckles, calluses, etc. It seems to have done wonders even the first time around (15-20 minutes). I will do it a few more times and see if it truly makes a difference through out the day :o)

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