After piercing my ears, do I really have to wait 6 weeks to wear different earrings?

I just got my ears pierced at Claire’s, and the salesperson told me that I have to wear the same pair of earrings for 6 weeks. However, some of my friends started switching earrings a week after their piercing. Is changing earrings really going to affect my piercing?

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  1. it depends on how sensitive your skin is….i couldn’t because i would have gotten an infection….but for some other girls, they can change their earrings just a week after they’re pierced

  2. yes i would wait at least a month…i didnt and they got infected very quickly…choose ones you like and just wait a month

  3. yess! you have to wait, definitly, and keep cleaning it with the soloution they gave you! the reason you have to wait so long is so it completely heals and your skin gets used to the new holes. if you take them out, you could rip the healing skin and you could get an infection (trust me, you don’t want that!!) and it’ll take longer to heal!

  4. Yes, you should keep in real gold or silver earrings for ATLEAST 6 weeks before changing them or else they will get infected and/or close up.

  5. That is Bull!!!
    no!, you do not have to wear the same pair for 6 weeks!
    Your ears may be sore and you can create an infection if you do not use hypoallergenic earrings or gold earrings but that’s it!
    the idea is that you keep earrings at all time for at least a month that way the hole will not close, you can change them!
    Just be careful and clean your ears with a piece of cotton soaked in alcohol every time you change earrings for the first month.

  6. You do NOT have to wait 6 weeks to wear different earrings. Claire’s and any reputable piercing place will advise you the safest advice to avoid infection. However, I have six ear piercings and I took mine out a few days afterward. Earholes do not close up as quickly as say… a tongue piercing. So if you want to change earrings (though it’s advisable that you do not keep switching them otherwise you may aggravate the skin) then be sure your hands and the new earrings are clean before switching.

  7. absolutely. i peirce ears at the store where i work and see this all the time. girls take them out too early, or even put heavy, dangling earings in, and then come back to us when they’re sore and closing up.. even if your friends can get new earings in there, it’s totally unhealthy, and causes the tissue to close up in a weird, incomplete way which could lead to infection.

  8. first off- getting them done at Claire’s wasn’t the best idea. i got my second ones done there and it sucked. I couldn’t even take out the earing after those 6 weeks, after i got the piercing it hurt like heck (way worse than my first which i got done at Piercology (a really good professional speciality percing place))
    anyway.. yes you have to keep them in for 6 weeks minimum because it could get infected if you don’t, and the hole could close up because the ear hasn’t fully healed.
    keep them in.

  9. If the salesperson told you that you need to, you should. It depends on the needle peircing your eye. You should or the hole will ceal back up. I had a friend who took her earrings out one time, and the hole cealed up on her ear and she had to have the earring removed in surgery.

  10. i just got my ears pierced i dont know how long i have to keep em on but i need to know if i can switch em ?

  11. I got my ears pierced 6 weeks ago and i have bought a few new earrings to put in from new look and accessorize, do you think i should use them or get gold and silver earrings?

  12. That 6 week statement is just to make sure that they will heal and that you won’t come crying back to them because they’re swollen/infected.. Go ahead and change them, just be careful that what your putting in is clean and the same size (or else you will tear skin, better known as a blowout), you might want to have someone handy because when I first did it I had trouble getting it through the back of my lobe cuz it wasn’t all the way healed, so just be careful and use common sense, I wasn’t worried too much about pain or anything because it will probably make it a bit tender… But ya just go ahead… And for the record, you RELLY don’t need to listen to the people at clairs, you shudnt ever get peircings by untrained mall employees in the first place,ur better of doing it yourself, or go to a proffessional peircer…

  13. i gust got mine pierced on November 23 and they still have not healed, and i got mine done at walmart. but just for the hell of it im not going to take the earing out untill next month or so! i want to make sure that my ears heal completely before i change my earings!

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  18. i took my earing out the 4th day on accident and put it back in real fast. is my piercing going to get infected ?

  19. hey i just pirced my own ears and it is it second time is it soposed to bleed bad & hurt like hell because it does i ant kidding u and also how long do i keep it in my mom dont even know by the way!

  20. Before you get your ears pierced by anybody, ask them their ability. My daughter had her ears pierced at Claire’s and the young woman has been certified to do ear piercings. We just took them out, she suggested 8 weeks. The holes are fine and never had any infections. She did suggest waiting 6 months to a year before wearing dangling earrings that pull on the ear.

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