Are ear piercings permanent? How long does it take for it to become permanent?

I want to get multiple ear piercings, but I’m a bit reluctant because when I get older and don’t want to wear so many earrings any more, I don’t want a bunch of holes in my ear.

I’ve had two piercings since I was a baby and I’ve left them out for about a month at the most, but they never closed up. But that could be because I’ve had them for a long time.

Are ear piercings permanent? How long is it before it becomes permanent?

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  1. I got my 3rd and 4th piercings about 2 years ago and for the first time, I went two days without the earrings in them and one was about to close up.

  2. you should get that checked. because usually if the earring is left out of the ear for a period of time, it begins to close up on its own.

  3. I have several ear piercings. 4 in each ear. i havent worn earing in the top three in quite awhile. I cant put earing in them anymore but you can still see the holes. I have been putting cocoa butter on them and the appearance of the holes have been gradually going away.

  4. For me i got earing when i was 5 i just couldn’t stand changing them so i took them out and it took about 3 months. I hope this helps! and i would really like it if i got best answer because i’m level one and i need it TY~

  5. It takes about 2 months to heal and they stay forever, however, my ears were pierced 2 times because I took out the earrings too early, I got scar tissue but pierced around it again, and if I don’t put earrings in my ears for months they don’t close, but there’s a small pinch of skin closed over, it couldn’t close permanently though.

  6. my 2nd holes never totally close even though years have gone by since I wore anything in the right one. Skin will grow on the back but I can poke through. They are not obvious. If you don’t get large gauge or cartilage piercings, I don’t think anyone will notice them if you stop wearing jewelry in them.

    i tried to get 3rd ones, and they would never heal because of rubbing on my pillow. They went away when I took earrings out. It may be that if they don’t fully heal (less than 4 weeks) they can go away.

  7. It depends. I have 3 piercings in each ear and they have never closed up even when I don’t wear earrings for months. The holes have always remained visible. But then there are other people who ears get closed up if they don’t wear earrings for a long time. It takes about 6 weeks for the piercing to heal after it is done, so I would assume if you remove it before then it will close up.

  8. it’ll stay permanant as long as you have an earring in it. but eventually they will close up. it also depends on the size of the whole. my son guaged his ears and have these ugle things that look like rivets in his ears. when he takes them out i can practically put my pinky through it. his stupid girlfriend did it. i smacked them both in the head and then got over it.

  9. I don’t think there is a correct answer on this one. It really all depends on the ear itself. My Mom has double piercings and she can leave her earrings out for a year and they go right back in. My Grandmother could not leave her’s out for a week without them growing up. So maybe it depends on several factors, such as the intensity of the ear itself as well as the ability of each individuals healing rate. I also know my brother-in-law had his gauged and does not wear earrings and he has a very large noticeable hole that you could stick your pinkie in also.

  10. After awhile (time period is relative to the person’s body, how long person has had piercing, even guage of the post) eventually it will close.

    Just let me caution you. I had a VERY bad experience letting my first set of ear piercings close. They never healed properly in the first place, so when I decided to let them close they formed keloids. Keloids are non-cancerous little tumors or tissue masses. I had to have surgery to remove them and they still came back.
    I’m not saying that will happen to you, but you never know.
    If you are worried about having too many piercings later on, just dont get them now and save yourself the trouble.

  11. Usually piercings in your ears are not permanent but it can take a long time for them to close if you have had them a long time. Also infections and strecthing can make them permanent, and cartlidge can take a long time to close, if it does. You should always talk to your piercer before hand though.

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