12 thoughts on “Are you supposed to wash your face before or after you use Makeup Remover?

  1. After.
    Because makeup remover has oils in it. So you use the makeup remover and then wash your face.

  2. I am so glad you asked this, for so many women get this wrong.

    First, use makeup remover. Then wash your face. The remover has oil in it and if you use it after you wash your face, it will cause zits. However, you really do not need to use makup remover unless you use alot of makeup. Your face soap should do it for you. And, it saves a few dollars if you just use soap.

  3. My cosmetologist said you should wash it first, but after the makeup remover a moisturizer is in order.

  4. i wash mine before and after.
    in other words, when i wake up and before i go to sleep.
    and soap cleans but it doesn’t really get down into the pores,
    so your ganna want to go buy some face wash.
    i use clean&clear face wash.
    hope i helped(:

  5. You should wash your face after you take off your make-up because the remover has oil in it, which can clog your pores.

    I reccommend Mary Kay eye make-up remover and the Biore` skin care line.

  6. After! :)
    Since the make up remover has oil in it; then your face would just be greasy again.
    Plus; if you washed your face while you have make up, it would just smear it all around.

  7. I really do not think you need makeup remover unless it is waterproof makeup. My facial cleanser removes makeup just as well (however I do wash my face again afterwards, to really cleanse my face).

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