10 thoughts on “What is the best way to get rid of aging saggy bags without surgery and eye serums/creams?

  1. 1. Don’t sleep on your front
    2. Put some spoons in the fridge for a bit then place them on the eye area (morning)
    3. When applying moisturizer masssage the under eye area gently with your ring finger

    also i’ve heard the new olay derma eye pods are good for getting rid of the signs of ageing round the eye

    emma x

  2. There are face exercises you can do,goggle it I am sure you will find some. A cheap way to plump you skin back up is to use DMAE,on the spots you need it most. Otherwise your only alternative is to get a face lift.

  3. The best way to do this is to apply cold to the area – this causes bodily reactions in that area of the skin resulting in tightening of the epidermal layer. Applying anything cold will work – ice cubes, cold spoons (as the above poster suggested), frozen used teabags, etcetera. The effect will wear off after a while. . . but you can keep doing this throughout the day, if you have to.

    As of yet, this is the only sure-fire way to reduce baggy eyes without surgery. The eye serums and creams simply reduce the APPEARANCE of bags. . .

    Also try to get about 6-7 hours of sleep every night (this prevents you from looking puffy all day long and decreases the puffiness of the skin around the eyes) and drink plenty of water – sometimes saggy/dark skin around the eyes is due to dehydration.

  4. *Drink plenty of water.
    *Make sure you get enough sleep.
    *maybe consider having a microdermabrasion
    this is great for gettin rid of fine lines. wrinkles. acne scaring. age spots & sallow skin.
    We recomend a course of 5-10

    hope this has helped. xx

  5. you need to drink a lot more water, i have puffy eyes at times, they improve dramatically with a litre or more of water a day. Dont use heavy creams under your eyes, try SBC collagen gel, it is brilliant. I swear by it, but any lightwieght gel/cream will do. water though is the real key.

  6. Don’t sleep on feather pillows they can cause allergic puffing around the eyes. Make sure your head is well raised in bed to allow the under eye area to ‘drain’ properly. Slices of cool cucumber from the fridge are great for reducing puffiness, anything cold is good – even an ice cube!

  7. You can’t get rid of aging saggy bags when you’re at forty or even earlier if you do a lot of physical and mental work especially when you lack sleep. Surgery is very expensive but the most effective but you don’t like undergoing it like me too. That’s why creams in serum forms can be better to prevent the early aging but again you don’t like using it. Hence, when you are approaching the age of forty, you need to start doing face massage using some olive oil during bedtime. Don’t go out under the sun without using your smoke glasses to prevent these wrinkles too and affect your eye bags appear more prominent as you age beyond forty. It’s but natural for us to look our age and it will be abnormal also if we face lift or undergo surgery at the age of fifty. Just accept that we need to look old when we really are old. What I can only advise is “Just delay your aging process by using some creams or oil, daily face massage, eat healthy food, do some exercises and have a positive outlook in life.

  8. cucumber slices will help, its inexpensive and it works really well. slice the cucumber and place them on the loose skin for about 15 mins. do this morning and night and you’ll see results soon. good luck. nice name dannicka. its different.

  9. I heard that hemmoroid cream shrinks the bags under your eyes. Check it out.
    http://www. wisegeek. com/will-hemorrhoid-cream-help-the-appearance-of-tired-eyes. htm

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