Do I have to remove piercings for abdominal surgery?

I’m having a hysterectomy in a few months and want to be prepared. Of the piercings I have, right cartlidge, right tragus, belly button and tongue are all within the last 8mo. Surgery is in May. Can I use clear retainers for any of them? Will they make me remove all of them? How long do I have before they close?

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  1. When I had ankle surgery, they told me to remove all of my peircings. I think they let you use plastic retainers, but I had to remove all of my earings and my industrial.

    Good luck on your surgery!

  2. If the piercings are healed, taking out the jewelry shouldn’t be too big of a problem. Since they seem new(er), I wouldn’t want to take a chance leaving the jewelry out for long.

    You should be able to wear retainers (acrylic or quartz) in the piercings for the surgery, I don’t see why it wouldn’t be okay, but you will want to talk with your doctor about this either way.

  3. i had a c section a few months ago yes they make you remove them like you i wondered if they would close on me but they didnt i put them back in as soon as i came too you should be fine they make you do this in case of infection swelling etc and the metal interferes with any radiography machines etc hope all goes well with your surgery have a speedy recovery

  4. you should not wear piercings when having surgery. when you go in, the nurse will tell you to remove all jewelry. i had surgery on my knee and had to remove my tongue ring.

    if they are all healed, then you should not have any problems. the only one that i see that could potentially feel a little tighter, is the tongue ring. your tongue heals a lot quicker than anything else. but you should be fine. just put it back in when you wake up.

  5. For surgery you will need to remove all metal jewelry. It’s unlikely to cause complications, but there is the possiblity. One of the reasons they give is that if they use a cautery pen, it could cause burns around your piercings. (This, BTW is totally false, cautery pens are commonly used for scarification on heavily pierced people and it’s never happened). The other reasons I’ve been given are a little more realistic. If something goes wrong and they need to use defib, there is a small chance that you could get burns at the piercing site. Also, if you are unconcious and something gets snagged, you can’t tell anyone, which could lead to tearing.

    Plastic retianers should not be a problem in most of your piercings. put them in just before you go to the hospital or when you get there. Your tongue may present a problem though. When you’re put under general anesthetic, a breathing tube is inserted by the doctor. He/she will probably not want anything in your tongue, as it could come out an cause an obstruction in your air way. You can ask if you can leave it in, but it’s up to the anesthesiologist, who will most likely say no. You will most likely have to leave it out and hope for the best. (Take it out right before they take you to the OR and try to put it back in as soon as you can). Oral piercings heal very quickly, but there’s no way of saying for sure how much time you will have.

    Good luck with your surgery!

  6. Remove them for your own safety! After a major surgery it is possible for your body to “reject” your piercings, causing some serious pain and infections that are hard to get rid of.

  7. They make you remove EVERYTHING. You have to go in there only with what you were born with. I just had lung surgery and they went in through my back and I still had to take everything off, even my wedding rings. I wouldn’t worry about them closing up. Take your jewelry with you to the hospital or surgery center or whatever so you can put it all back in right afterward…that’s what I did. If you do decide to take them with you, be sure to bring something to put them in or have someone hold onto them for you. Good luck with your surgery!!

  8. To expand on Zombie’s answer, though, you will need to remove your tongue post, to avoid swallowing it if it comes loose, and also to leave your mouth clear if they need to insert a tube. You can always get it done again afterwards, or keep your fingers crossed that it doesn’t close. All of the others, you can wear retainers.

  9. you will have to remove them all, they wont let anything be in.I had surgery on 02/06 and didnt put mine back in until 2/20 and they all went in fine with the exepyion of my nose i had to push it threw again. so if you put them back with in a week you should be fine, good luck with surgery hope all goes well

  10. i get a lot of customers who come to me and want to get all plastic jewelry for surgery. i know that practically nobody will let you wear metal, but the plastic jewelry varies by case. i would ask your doctor and see if you can wear all acrylic jewelry. if they are 8 months old, the only one you might have a problem with after being out for a day is the tongue, but you could get acrylics for all of them for under $10 so if they’ll let you wear it i wouldn’t risk them closing.

  11. My girlfriend had to have back surgery in March ’05. She had her nipples pierced, but had the flex retainers in when we went to the hospital. The doctors made her take them out before they took her in for surgery.

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