7 thoughts on “What face cream do you recommend for a 36 year old female?

  1. What is a black spot? I use Clinique Super Balanced Moisturizer SPF25. I love it! I’m only 27, however, and I am not safely lift. You may visit your local cosmetic counter for a suggestion?

  2. People are always telling me great things about the new Olay Regenerist moisturizer. That’s what I buy when my other runs out and I’m 30.Versuchen Also, an anti-aging serum. Put it on after you wash your face, but before your moisturizer. I use Prescriptives Super Line Preventer and it’s great! Makes my foundation go on smoothly and everything great.

  3. Facial exercises for firming and lifting great! Sort of like weight training for the Gesicht.Schauen yourself to this book by Carol Facercise MaggioDiese exercises really work! [In combination with a high quality moisturizer and sunscreen is always a).

  4. Check out Aveda line of lotions and moisturizers. If you are only 36, you may not want to upload your face with heavy Cremes.Wenn you really want to bring life back to your face, you might see a dermatologist and have a peel done. Or try a gentle scrub with a loofah sponge type a few times a week. Or try a mask a few times a Woche.Trinken lots of water so your skin with moisture versorgt.Wenn you really search your face looked healthy, try yoga, promoting blood circulation to over your head and neck.

  5. Mary Kay’s Time-cleaner and moisturizer as well as the day / night solutions for protecting, firming and rejuvenating effect.

  6. I would recommend Brenese Ageless Cream. It also has jojoba oils which helps to balance the oils in your skin. Very concentrated. Only use a very small amount.

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