What is the best organic and healthy lotion on your face without using chemicals?

I would prefer something I can use daily that no harmful chemicals or products. I want something more affordable, it works, and ultimately improve the skin on my face, without increasing dependence of the lotion, as with other creams. Thats why I heard organic creams are the best for them. Can anyone recommend a high potency organic face cream?

8 thoughts on “What is the best organic and healthy lotion on your face without using chemicals?

  1. The website is pretty selbsterklärend.The Body Shop is organisch.Ich use their products all the time. Depends on what type of skin you have. . . If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me. (FYI not will depend on your skin!)

  2. So – the Body Shop is not organisch.Ich would recommend this new emerging cream. They are sold at Whole Foods body shop – the stringent environmental requirements. Instead of buying them from Whole Foods, I have found it much cheaper on the website. His call from the earth and I’ll give you the link below. . . Its good because it has no chemicals, and it helps the skin to repair itself, of course – so you do not need to use the cream forever. . . Add to really moisturize your skin’s ability, of course. . . You have three different Signature Series face creams. I would definitely recommend the 3 Berry Face Serum. It has blueberries and raspberries in the lotion, which are packaged in anti-oxidants. Must try!

  3. Those who are “melanin-challenged” often need skin care products for sensitive skin, particularly if they spend a
    great deal of time in the sun. The term natural means only pure ingredients are used directly from nature as
    opposed to synthetic ingredients and organic products simply means
    that the molecule comprises of carbon and natural skin care
    products have no boundaries with regards to organic or
    natural products. In addition to the honey, the Organic Purifying
    Masque contains rooibos tea extract, aloe juice,
    jojoba oil, vitamin E, oat extract, rosemary, and neem oil (don’t ask on that last one; it’s a plant, that’s all I know.

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