How can I tell if my industrial piercing is infected?

My industrial piercing has bumps on it, and being stupid, I thought it was crust, and scratched the bumps. I will try to take a picture and post a link to it..
I got it about 3 weeks ago.

31 thoughts on “How can I tell if my industrial piercing is infected?

  1. did u just get it?
    cuz its still healing so it will probably be swollen for a bit.
    just dont pick at it anymore, leave the earring in, and disinfect it everyday with rubbing alcohol or something.

  2. mine gets really red and kinda goo comes out of it…
    IT usually happens when I go to long without cleaning it or get hair coniditioner in it… just go show the piercer if you clean it good for 3 days and its still sore
    mine was pierced a little wrong and after 3 years a lil bump still there

  3. Mine started developing bumps around the piercing area too so I just took a clean needle and popped it so the crap inside could leak out [ew] and then I would apply some of the cleaning solution and I’d do this like twice a day.

    The bumps went away and now it’s totally fine.

  4. you could have keloids. keloids are an overgrowth of tissue at the sight of a healed injury. they are very common with cartilage piercings. people that are prone to keloids generally have to take out their cartilage piercings if they have them, and avoid getting them pierced in the future. if i were you, i would go to the piercing place and ask them what they think. they usually know about that stuff pretty well.

  5. Since you have only had the piercing for three weeks it is likely that they will go down after some time. I have had mine for nine months and it still plays up once in a while!

    It is best to avoid moving the piercing as best you can and in particular do not take the jewelery out as it can make those bumps longer lasting.
    However, having said that, if you are already wearing the single long bar, it might be a good idea to have it changed for two smaller barbells during the healing process – this will give the wounds more freedom to heal naturally.

    Just make sure you are cleaning it well and don’t let it get knocked about or anything, and the bumps should go down as it heals. If you don’t see any improvement, ask your gp/doctor to take a look. I advise you ask them rather than a piercer because they are more likely to know what they are talking about – piercers often give bad advice as they don’t have any medical knowledge to go on, only experience!

    It may be that the bumps never fully go away, leaving small raised areas around the piercings. This can just be because the skin has healed around the displaced cartilage in an unusual way, not quite flat, simply because that’s how it happened. It is unlikely to be very noticable while the jewelery is in, and is perfectly okay if there is no pain, redness or discharge.

  6. You have keloids. Keloids can keep growing or some go away. What you might have to get done is it poped, or cut off. It can continue to grow and hurt the piercing. It may get really sore and turn purpleish. I had them in my nose and it was hell, they were there for 5 weeks till I poped them with needle. IF you are going to do this by yourself i sugest you be careful and use very clean needle, or you can go to your piercer and they will get rid of them for you

  7. I got my piercing about amonth and a half ago im sooo reay to put bar in but i know that my ear isint healed all the way yet tho, Italk 2 one of my best friends yesterday and she said she got the same piercing!On the same freakin side when she got hers she said she got the full bar put in right after my piercer advised against this but hers is already healed up and it was 2 weeks ago!I think it might be b\c she has thick cartilage in her ears,I thought i did but I got the stupid little bump(i didnt know it was that uncommen so thanks guys but i have 2 say i feel little better)there is a little bit of crust but mabey i should just wait the full 3 months or however long it will take you u only got ears so.:/ any feedback

  8. igot my industrial on the 9th of april n ihave a keloid on tha top. it developed becas of my own carelessness. ifergot ta clean it fer a few days n iturned tha bar. my piercer is also a doctor so ican go back n get a precription fer some antibiotics or something. iknew how ta care fer it but istill didnt do what ihad to. ihave my tongue done too but that was never infected. ithought it wouldve been tha easier piercing but my industrial hurt alot more when my tongue didnt hurt at all. my body’s healing period is alot different than most people. iheal alot faster so my industrial can he healed in about 3-9months while some people take a year n more. crusties are normal. dont remove them with your fingers as they’re dirty n do more harm than good. clean it twice a day. no more or less as you need tha rite balance of bacteria. sounds gross but its true. too much leads ta infection n too little leads ta a prolonged healing period. NO ALCOHOL! alcohol breaks down tha new tissues your body is building up ta heal your piercings. nothing with alcohol… at all! ONLY SEA SALT BATHS. during your healing period ONLY USE SURGICAL STEEL BARS. if you use tha pretty ones like this >>> <<< tha coating on it flakes out n gives you a terrible infection as your ear is still oozing n isnt properly healed. dont try ta pop your keloids on your own. go ta your piercer or a gp ta get it done. always better ta be safe than sorry. alot of people take out their bars on their own. generally this is bad. give your ear about a 3month healing period BEFORE you do this. dont keep changing it all tha time either. just put 2 shorter bars in it ta help the healing process. make sure you sterilize them properly. when ido this am using my 16g tongue rings cas they're all the same size as my industrial bar. my industrial doesnt really hurt n tha bottom hole isnt even swollen. ive been doing tha sea salt soaks fer a few days nao n its helping tremendously. before idid my industrial idid ALOT of research n iusually hang out with my piercer so he lectured me as well. hes really awesome with piercings. my next piercing may be a nose piercing. am not too sure yet but imay want a munroe. [=. am in love with piercings

  9. i want to get the industrial piercing but im really afraid it will hurt. do they put a bar in it right after they pierce it? and does it get infected easily/ on a scale from 1 to 10 how much does it hurt? lol

  10. yeah it friggen hurts i got mine done like a week ago, i have top and bottom of my belly button done and nose and the industrial hurt the worst out of all of them, but its so worth it so you should get it done good luck!

  11. what ever you do NEVER clean with alcoloh! it will infect it and make it dry! clean it with some salie. i got mine almost two weeks ago and it is still swollen so thats normal. but never mess with it if your hands arent clean and only clean it when you wake up and before you go to sleep.. dont sleep on it til the swelling goes down. and if you need any more info call your piercer and ask him/her questions if you have anything… and make sure that the tattoo/piercing place that you are going to is lagit..visit and google and find out anything you can before getting the piercing. GOOD LUCK!

  12. oh most definitely. if you only got it 3 weeks ago (depending on the time of your post) then it’s still healing. don’t mess with the bumps anymore. give your body time to handle it on it’s own. i had bumps when i got my industrial (11 months ago) and they went away about the 2nd month. industrials take a while to heal, trust me. just do your best not to sleep on it or slap the cell phone to it. XD and always wash your hands before you touch it. you may think it won’t get infected, but once it does, you’ll be wishing you were dead.

  13. I got my industrial piercing a month ago, so mine isnt healed yet. Im going to change it when it gets three months old… I still have crusties, I wash it twice a day with anti-bacterial liquid soap, and I use h2Ocean spray, but I’m about to run out so, I will be doing sea salt soaks soon!! It doesnt hurt at all, its alittle sore when I’m in the shower and I’m washing it. But after that it fantastic. The first week of having it done was horrible, it was so painful to wash and clean it. I tried rubbing alcohol on it for two days, and it done nicely for my top whole, but the bottom one, got swollen so I stopped using the alcohol. But to this day It’s fine and I havent had any problems with infection or anything like that. Good luck……

  14. tea oil works it cost like three bucks at walmart it really works put it on before you go to sleep beacuse it smells in a couple of days it goes away u popping it is the worse thing u can do it will just infect it worse

  15. Where do i get sea salt soaks from nd i hav a sore right by my whole should i be worried bt my ear doesnt hurt bad just a little sore when i touch it should i be worried?

  16. i have the same problem. i got mine done about three weeks ago and i noticed and small bump and the skin on top of the bump keeps drying and falling off. i went to the peircer who did it and he said it didnt look like anything but im still freaked out..

  17. I got my industrial pierced november of 2010. Ive always had a little bump but it has gotten HUGE in the past few days! It loooks like it is going to fall off. Can i pop it with a needle?

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  23. I got my industrial done a week ago…am i not suppose to turn the bar when i clean it? cause i have been just like if i had gotten a regular piercing.

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  26. Well I Got Mha Industrial Like 2 months aho nd i got bumps on both of mha holes dhe bottom nd top one… blood still kome out nd puss..i put alcohol nd neosporin on it.. diz is mha third time changinq it what kan i do??

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