How can you stop a nose piercing to close?

I had my nose pierced about two months ago. My summer job doesn’t allow me to have facial piercings, and will also require me to work 8-12 hours shifts, 5 days a week. A few weeks ago, I knocked the piercing out while showering and had to replace the ring. In the 5 hours I was ring-less, the hole healed itself slightly and had to be re-pierced. It hurt so bad I cried.

My question is- is there a way to keep a nose piercing from closing? Or is there an undetectable spacer I can use to hold the hole’s place while I’m working?
I love my piercing and I’d hate to lose it.
Any advice?

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  1. I know they make clear spacers for just this reason,and that my friend just made district manager and she had to find one for her nose and lip piercings. I know she had to go to the place she had the piercings done to find it though and it cost a bit more then the rings she had in already.

  2. you can buy clear plastic retainers for pretty much all piercings – ask your piercer (most stock them) or have a look online. basically, to stop your piercing closing, there’s gotta be something in it! also, the less often you change your piercing, the less likely it is to get an infection etc.

  3. i have a nose piercing as well and im not allowed to wear it at school!

    it sucks but either wear a tiny clear stud or a skin coloured one.
    you can but a normal stud and paint it with skin coloured nail polish if you cant find either of these however im sure you will.

    anouther option that i had to use whilst my peircing was fresh and i couldnt change it was to put a tiny bit of skin coloured ttape over it. you cant notice it at all.

    Good luck and by the way i dont know where you work but in most contries what they are doing is illegal.

  4. maybe you can go back to the person who pierced it and see if they have anything to help it from closing.

  5. I had a job like that. I took a straw from a broom, burned it on each end ( I cut it small enough to fit my nose undetected) and washed it in alcohol. It worked great. Looked like a tiny mole.

  6. ask someone at your job, like a manager if you can have a small unnoticeable stud, maybe like a white stud or brown one that will go with your skin color.

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