How come my face gets so dry when i wash it?

After i wash my face with sensitive skin soap from dove it gets really dry and rough and i don’t know why! I don’t rub it hard or use really hot water or anything so I’m really confused. Also why does my skin get red and blotchy when i come out of the shower? I don’t use hot water and it’s usually on more cold than hot.
also i am trying to get rid of and prevent acne because i’m 14.

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  1. its just the way ur skin is.
    ur stripping ur face of its natural oils. try a different brand of soap or use liquid soap. def. not bar
    after use a moisturizer

  2. it could possibly be that you are having an allergic reaction to the soap, so try a differnt soap for sensitive skin, i personally like spectro-jel. its inexpensive, works, and is gentle on your skin. find a moisturizer and make sure to use it every time you walk out of the shower, while your face is still damp.

  3. Because you need to moisturize every day after a shower and face wash because you take all the oil out of your skin and some skin also thats the power of being clean, Its like this moisturize,moisturize,MOISTURIZE…. And anyway in the winter you seem to be a bit more dryer than in the summer.=)


  5. Obviously, your soap is not moisturizing your face. Change soaps or moisturize after washing.

    Idk why you’re getting blotchy. I do that, too.

    I have a very creamy, freckly complexion. Never a zit. I don’t wash my face except in the bath. Lightly run a soapy washcloth over it and rinse right away. Or just rinse with bath water.

    TX Mom

  6. you are totally like me! i don’t have acne but my skin is sooo dry. My secret is that i don’t wash my face with face wash or soap, just water.

    Then when i get out of the shower i put on moisturizer. Try aveeno, it works really well with skin like ours

    I use bare mineral foundation too for the redness

  7. Its because you are using soap. Soap in general whether its for sensitive skin or not is best used for your body and not your face. Soap is made to strip the skin of all impurities but in doing do it takes away all the good oils in your skin as well. What you really need is a facial cleanser. You can find these in most stores and they are much better for your skin because they are made for the skin on your face. If you have dry skin already look for a non foaming cleanser. (milky looking). The foaming cleansers are more for oily skin as they take more of the oil away. One of my favorites is dermalogica because they have products that really work with your skin type but this is a bit more on the pricey side.

    Whatever you decide I truely recommend that you keep the soap for your body only and find a good cleanser for your face. If your skin is still dry after that then you should look into a whole regime of skin care, toner moisturizers, exfoliants…

    Good Luck!

  8. 1. If you live in a colder climate, the weather affects skin and makes it dry in the winter
    2. Buy a face wash that has moisturizer in it – i have found neutrogena products work the best for me
    3. Use a moisurizer after you wash your face – my personal fave is anything by Jergens.
    4. As far as the redness goes, you can try using a toner but in general if the redness goes away a few minutes after you wash your face i wouldn’t worry about it too much. And if it doesn’t…there’s nothing a little foundation can’t help ;)

  9. That happens to me alot after i wash my face. I am realy confused.Always remember to put moisturizer after washing your face(Aveeno works great).
    Could be some of your reasons to your dry skin
    *Scrubbing to hard
    *Washing your face to much(Which can take out the natural oils in the face)
    *Alergic to your face wash.
    *Mixing to much of either acne treatments or face wash products

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