How do i get rid of bumps around my new tattoo?

I already posted a question about these bumps. They are little red bumps ALL around my tattoo. They aren’t in the tattoo. Just around it. But I stopped using A&D ointment. And now I’m using Curel Frangrance Free. But how do I get rid of the bumps? Will it go away in a few days?

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  1. I would just keep washing it and taking care of it as directed. I think if you put any chemicals or anything on it may affect the longevity of its color and/or sharpness.

  2. Stop putting lotions not from a tattoo place on you, you are not helping.

    Go & get some Tattoo Goo & that will help. about $6.00

    the lotions that you are using are drying up your skin while trying to heal it!!

  3. just wash with mild soap[ivory and gently pay dry, then lightly sprinkle a small bit of baby powder. Do this every day. Dont touch area after you clean it.

  4. keep using the A&D ointment. It is just where the needles were going into the skin but they will heal and eventually go away.

  5. I get little bumps too when ever I get a new tattoo on my ribs or sensitive areas … it’s kinda like a heat rash / heat bumps … your skin got clogged up from the A&D … use some Dial antibactiral soap to wash ( don’t over clean it – only when you take a shower ) and use Luberdume … non scented – try not to let it dry out and don’t pick at it … the bumps will go away with time … nothing serious … !

  6. Quit the A&D, and use hand lotion, let it get plenty of air, and show it to your tattooist.

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