How do I know if my tattoo is infected?

I got a new tattoo this past Sunday. It is at the top of my left breast. It is so sore and red around the edges. I have a tattoo on my right one as well but I don’t remember it being this painful. Could it be infected?

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  1. if it keeps hurting in about a week or so, or if it starts pussing, or gets swollen, or starts to look like its bruised…i would go see a doctor. But just wait to see if it heals, cause the skin on your breast is thin and sensitive, thats why it hurts more.

  2. It probably is not infected, but if the swelling doesnt go down by this sunday then get it checked out. Especially with new tattoos and have something touching them (i.e. your shirt/bra/sheets) it can slow the healing time dramatically. Just continue to wash it correctly and if the redness doesnt go down within a week (from the date it was done) then get it looked at)

  3. are you putting anything on it to help it heal? I was advised when I had my tattoo done to put savlon antiseptic cream on it for the first 5 days then as it starts to heal put on vaseline to help with the itch as it dries. A tattoo is an open wound and it needs care to help it heal. Could the redness and soreness be caused by the skin healing and scabing over? If its infected it would start to weep yellow sticky stuff. If in any doubt go back to the tattoo artist who did it and ask for advice.

  4. have you used the antibiotic cream they told you to put on it the redness and swelling should only last a week at most but if it has not stopped the swelling and redness it is infected also you will be very sore and pussy

    . If you think your tattoo (or piercing) might be infected, don’t sit around waiting for it to get worse! Signs of infection are severe pain, hot redness, swelling and/or a puss discharge (with or without the presence of blood), or a foul odor emanating from the area. Infection that is not properly tended to can result in serious health consequences and even death. It is not something to be taken lightly. See your doctor immediately. We are all susceptible to Staph infections – the bacteria that causes it resides on our bodies and just waits for an opportunity to take hold, like in a fresh new tattoo or piercing wound.

    Incidentally, if you believe any tattoo or piercing infection is a result of poor sanitary conditions during the procedure, please let your doctor know and have yourself tested for blood disease such as Hepatitis. this info comes from karen hudson

  5. Your bra may be irritating it!! Try using some tripple antibiotic cream on it and leave it uncovered (i know its you breast) but maybe at night you could sleep topless!!! I just had one done on my shoulder and it was red and painful and I have 3 other and dont remember it hurting that much!!!

  6. There are some good answers on here already, but I thought I’d pass on this link as a resource. They have a lot of information on body mods, and how to maintain them.

  7. It is normal for it to be sore and red around the edges. The best thing for you to do would be to keep it clean. The last one I got was fairly large and on my left leg and my artist told me to try to keep things from rubbing it, wash it like 3 times a day with unscented soap, like Ivory or Dove. Then when it starts to get dry use an unscented lotion like Vaseline or Lubriderm. If it gets worse you should go back and see the artist. They would be able to help you.

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