How do I prevent a burn on my face from scarring?

I recently got a chemical burn on my face and thankfully it has started to heal. The only problem is that the burn has left this ugly greyish red scar. I’ve been cleaning it with diluted Tea Tree Oil and using A & D ointment on it, but will that help? Does anyone have any other suggestions & about how long will it take for the scar to go away?

2 thoughts on “How do I prevent a burn on my face from scarring?

  1. MADERMA. that’s probably incorrect spelling but I just remember the commercials with the kids and adults with their faces on signs and then they used the maderma and the scar went away because they took the sign away and revealed a flawless face. I use bacitracin though and it has worked for me and took anywhere from 1 week to a month.

  2. several years ago my younger sister got a nasty burn on her wrist (from playing with fire. smart, right?) my mother got her these ointment patches from the store (band-aid brand, i think) that are meant to reduce scarring and today the scar is barely noticeable (sorry i can’t remember the name exactly).

    also you might want to try cocoa butter (palmer’s makes one specially for scars i believe) or vitamin e (for acne scars i used the liquid inside vitamin e caplets).

    i don’t know if these will be helpful with chemical burns specifically, but good luck!

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