How do I remove my nipple piercing?

A few years ago I pierced my nipple, and now I would like to have it removed. I have tried myself as I wouldn’t trust anyone else to do it, but obviously I don’t want to damage it, and it feels rather complicated.

The piercing is a straight small bar, and I imagine that I would need to unscrew one of the ends (round balls on each side) to remove it, am I doing things right? How would I figure out which end is the one that unscrews? They both feel rather tight, and I don’t want to force it.

Many thanks for your replies.
I feel it is time for it to go, it kind of freaks me out a bit now, since it got caught in my clothes a couple of times, and I’d rather avoid accidents.

The bar is the same that I had originally when I had it done (4 years ago), never changed it. The piercing healed rather well, but there is a bit of build-up on occasions, although I’ve never had any infections on it (or any othe of my piercings for that matter). However, 2 years ago my body pushed it out a tiny bit, but it wasn’t a problem.

Checking similar questions, one answer suggested moving to smaller bar sizes to let the hole heal gradually and avoid dead skin build-up, is this a good idea, and does it actually work? I am especially interested in hearing from professional piercers.


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  1. I ended up going to a piercer to have them removed. They have tools that make it easier to unscrew the balls.

  2. Look closely at the bar ends, the end that unscrews should have a little more gap to it. You may need some help to unscrew the ball end but once it’s off, you can take out the bar and the piercing should heal itself in time. I’d advise cleaning it with peroxide until it heals fully.

  3. I love Pritpals answer. I had to laugh. I would suggest you go to a professional piercing place and have them do it. I don’t understand why you can’t do it yourself, Did it hurt to have it done? ow. Try unscrewing both ends, one of them should move. Otherwise, I would go to the professional.

  4. Just twist both balls at the same time in different directions…if it doesn’t work try it in the shower ..clean it well when you are done

  5. Its super easy, and as long as you’ve had it done, it shouldnt hurt a bit!

    FIRST- check for “crusties” around the holes (you shouldnt have them after a few years, but just in case)… if they are there get a q-tip with some warm water and gently run it around the holes… this will soften them so you will cause no ripping of the skin when you remove the barbell..

    Second- Tighty Righy Lefty Loosey… grab the bar bell by both balls and twist one in the opposite direction… if one doesnt come loose, try the other.. its really a trial and error process…even for us professionals because most barbells both balls come off, just one side is generally looser than others…. you wont be forcing it..just persuading it…

    Last- once the ball is off, slide it out… simple.

    it could take a while to close completely up so dont worry about the holes still being there…just keep it clean.

  6. Everyone is correct in saying that you should be able to go to your local piercings shop and they will remove it for you, no problem.
    As for it being damaged or any problems afterwards…
    you should not have any problems after taking it out. I removed mine about six months ago and you cannot even tell that they were ever there. I did use vitamin E oil around the closing holes for a couple of weeks though as I was told that would help with scar tissue.
    Good luck!

  7. robinh: Great tip! I just successfully… first time ever removed my barbells w/your advise. Thanks!

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