How long After you get a back tattoo does it hurt?

I got a tattoo down my back on Monday. Its three symbols down my back, one starts after my bra line and the last one ends on my lower back. How long does it sting after you get it, because now on late Wednesday it still stings.

6 thoughts on “How long After you get a back tattoo does it hurt?

  1. mine only hurt for the rest of that day. But it differs person to person. If the tattoo looks fine and looks to be healing ok I would just take a pain reliever and not worry about it.

  2. I have my whole back covered – I find like most tattoos , takes about a week to start hurting, after 2 weeks I stop putting lotion on it and after about 3 weeks, its fully healed.

  3. well it doesn’t really sting only when you are getting the tattoo. but it doesn’t really sting at all afterwords. but for acouple days after it does hurt only if you touch it like when your putting on stuff on it. OHHH and it will deffff itch for a couple days also and might even peal x[. i got my tattoo in august and its totally fine now its only a week and a half of the pain and itching all together.

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