How long and how much does a fairly good sized tattoo cost?

I plan on getting a phoenix tattooed on my back shoulder, It is going to be a little bit bigger than my shoulder blade, pretty much taking up 1/4 or a little less of my entire back. It is going to have many different colors and shades. So my question is, how many hours will it take if i don’t have to take any breaks or anything and how much would it cost for a good tattoo artist to do it?

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  1. well i presume that u wud hav to hav it dun in a few sessions – cos it wud take a few hours and most tattoo artists dont like doing alot in one go. no idea on the price tho m8

  2. Absolutely none of us can answer this question. Go talk to the artist you plan on going to – every artist works at a different pace and charges differently.

  3. If you’ve never gotten one before then you don’t know how much pain you’re going to be able to take….and certain areas hurt more than others. You made need to take a break and so will the artist. When I got a sparrow on my back, it took almost an hour and a half and the artist took a ten minute break, with me stopping her sometimes because it was more than I could take. Plan on taking plently of time and go in and talk to the artist. They can give you a better idea of the time and price. Also, learn from my mistake. Cheap isn’t neccesarily better. This think is going to be on you for the rest of your life and its definately an investment worth making.

  4. And yet another one who thinks that all tattoos all over the world take exactly the same time to do and cost the same!

    Go talk to your tattooist – nobody but he will know. We don’t know how quickly he works, how detailed he is or how much he charges. Or even what country you’re in.

  5. My friend got a gothic fairy tattooed from mid-back to the small of her back. She got it done in Panama City Beach, Florida. It coasted her $350.00. I am not sure how long it took. Each tattoo artist takes different amounts of time to do that tattoo. I do know that the after care is important. I will recommend going to a tattoo parlor with a good reputation. I’ve known people that has got infections and disappointments going to a cheaper place. Good luck where ever you decide to go.

  6. probably about 200 to about 250dollars and without any breaks which would be crazy might take about 2 1/5 to 3 hours.
    But of course this is just my opinion and from prior experience. Really to get an accurate time and cost, you have to talk to your tattoo artist!
    Hope that helps though.

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