How long before I can change a monroe piercing?

I’d like to get a monroe piercing, but can’t because of where I work. I’m going away for 8 days, and was wondering if it was possible/okay to get it done a day or two before I leave, leave the jewelry in for those 8 days, then on the 9th day, put in a clear plastic retainer. Will this cause it to not heal correctly? Would I be able to change it that soon?

3 thoughts on “How long before I can change a monroe piercing?

  1. Monroe piercings can be tricky like that.

    I would suggest making an appointment to talk to someone that is licensed to do piercings (or even call, sometimes they will take calls) and ask them that question because they have probably heard it before and can let you know if its possible or maybe suggest a way for you to “hide” the piercing if you need.

  2. No. Changing a piercing that soon will interupt healing, cause scarring, and perhaps make you more suceptable to infection. Monroe’s need 3 months to heal before changing.

  3. Your best bet would be to get it pierced with a glass quartz retainer. Then you would be able to have it for work. You won’t be able to change the jewelry for at least 8 weeks though. Call some different piercing studios in your are and ask if they have them. Some don’t but will order some. Changing the jewelry to soon is bad for the piercing. It could cause an infection, scarring or could close within the seconds you have the jewelry out. Also most likely the retainer you would be putting in is an acrylic which is bad for fresh piercings.

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