How long can you wait before adding on to a tattoo?

I had a tattoo done back in March and am now thinking about adding to it. But, I’d like to get it done to commemorate a certain event which takes place next fall almost two years from when I got the tattoo first done. Will it have faded to much by then and look weird to add new ink? So far nothing has changed much. (been about 9 months now) It still looks they same. I guess I just really want to know if they’ll be able to match well with what I already have done.

9 thoughts on “How long can you wait before adding on to a tattoo?

  1. if you want to add on to a tattoo that you already have on then i would hurry up and do it then you would already have it on so then when it starts to fade then the new part will start to fade to

  2. it depends on the inks the tattoo artist used as well as how your body breaks down the colors. i have tattoos that are a couple years old and don’t look faded at all and have a couple that i’ve had to have touched up. you can add onto a tattoo very soon after it’s healed although it would depend on how you’re adding on. talk to the person who did your first tattoo or another reputable tattoo artist.

  3. I would try and go back to the same artist as before so you know you’re getting quality work, but to answer the question…you only have to wait 2 weeks in between to add onto them

  4. Yes…I would go and have that done, but the longer you wait (couple of years) it might look a little different. A person can add on about 2 weeks after they have one done. However 9 months is not too late, many full piece back pieces takes a year plus to do. They do a little and wait 2-3 weeks and go have more done, but your alright….so go for it.

  5. you need to make sure to keep your tattoo out of the sun and it should stay pretty and bright. good luck with your tattoo addition.

  6. Depends on how you take care of the tat…. If you expose it to sun or tanning beds it will fade.. You take a chapstick or any lipbalm with an SPF and use it like a color crayon to cover your tat when tanning or going out in the sun – the rest of your skin will still tan and your tat will stay nice and colored.. you should be fine.

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