How long does it take for a septum piercing to close up?

I haven’t worn a septum ring since February, I am no sure if it is closed up, it was always a pain to put the ring in and out. I know you shouldn’t put it in and out yourself anyway, but I had to take it out for work and never bothered to put it in again. I want a do it yourself guide to putting the ring back again—possible re-piercing.
No wimps.
I don’t have $$ to re-pierce.

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  1. Mine is usually really hard to put in if it falls out in the night.

    How long did you have it pierced for?
    What gauge?

    You could always try to just push real hard in the shower (it hurts less) and put olive oil on the ring and the outside of the piercing for lubrication, it might be okay.

    Hope it works, septum piercings are awesome!

  2. No way in the world is that going to be still open.
    I left mine out for 2 nights and it closed up, and i had to get it repierced.
    It hurt like hell because of scar tissue too.

  3. Depending on how long you had it before you took it out the hole may still be open. all you’d have to do then is get it tapered back open every piercer ive ever know will do that for free. if that’s not the case and you cant get your old jewelry back in try putting in try putting in a smaller gauge if the hole has just shrunk that should help.
    If it is closed don’t re-pierce it yourself just wait and save up the money. after you got all the tools to do it properly you’d be spending way more than getting pierced in a shop. without proper tools you run a very high risk of infection coupled with the fact that it will be horribly crooked.

  4. Why would you take it out in the first place? You know you can flip up the ring, right? That’s how I and many others hide them at work. I doubt it’ll still be open. I agree with the others, just save money to get it repierced. You don’t want to mess around with that sort of thing, self piercing really isn’t worth the risk.

  5. i don’t know about the peircing yourself thing but next time just flip the ring up like in your nose and then it’s appropriate for work that’s what my friend did when she got hers done and they didn’t even notice.

  6. It is probably not closed up. A healed septum piercing will never fully close. Just try putting an 18g ring in to start or run a taper through it.

  7. I pretty much NEVER wear my septum ring anymore, havent put it in in months but its not closed up.. a little smaller maybe but in no way closed. I periodically put it back in to wear it or just to check and it refuses to close. So youre probably okay

  8. Not worn anything in my septum for over 4 years but it hasn’t closed.I am thinking of stretching it out again.

  9. iv had mine for about 5 weeks now. and iv gone only a day with it out, and it hasnt closed yet, i also did mine at home with just a hollow neddle. it wasnt painfull and i never got an infection, if the hole is still there, it shouldnt hurt to slip it back in. my goes in and out with no prob.

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