How many piercings can you have done at a time?

I have never had any piercings I don’t know why lol but am thinking of having ear lobes pierced and also the top of my ears. Would I be able to have them done both at the same time.

I’m probably gonna get it done at Blue Banana if anyone knows if they have certain regulations about it.

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  1. It really depends on the piercer and you. I would recommend calling them to find out the limit.

  2. if you’ve never had any done before, i’d recommend starting with only one set

  3. first time i got my ears pierced when i was 1 or 2yrs old
    but one side got infected and i had only i side open but,
    i pierced my own ears when i was 11yrs old
    and i made 3 perfect holes in my ears
    there still open and now I’m 15

    But i suggest you Get them done Professionally
    if your under age you have to go with your parent/guardian
    to get them done.

  4. I would TOTALLY advise against that. I was getting my first priecings and I wanted three! I did three at the top of my ear, you know, coming down.
    Horrible idea, and I don’t know why no one told me not to.
    My ear was swollen and purple for 2 months. Everyday, someone would ask if my ear was about to fall off. Eventually, after a year, my ear couldn’t take it anymore and as soon as I took out the piercings, my bottom to holes swelled up and closed for good. Now I have one piercing and a two bumps that were my peicings.

    Plus the first peircing was okay, but by the third, I though I might pass out from the pain. It’s just not nice to do your ear, basically.

    just a piece of advice.

  5. there are non on the amount u can get at one time….I have gotten 7 at one sitting and I am not dead yet and the guy was find with that…

  6. I’ve had multiple piercings done at once. My most recent was having my lobes pierced with needles (these are my 2nd lobe holes) and having my tongue rim pierced. In a couple of months, I’m having a 10 step corset piercing put in. That’s 10 microdermals in my back and my piercer will be using a scalpel to they can be set deep enough.

    If you’re worried about passing out (I tend to get light headed and it sucks!), take a break between piercings. I had my lobes down, then waited an hour before doing my tongue.

    Edit: multiple cartililage piercings may not be a great idea, but if you’re looking to do lobes and 1 cartilage (your helix at the top of your ear has cartilage), you should be fine. Just make sure the piercer doesn’t use a piercing gun on your helix. Guns are only suitable for lobes. The blunt-force trauma that they use to get the earring through your ear can shatter cartilage and cause collapse of the cartiligous areas.

  7. any number you like!! but i’d urge you to go to a more reputable piercing salon. go somewhere that just does piercings. the only thing to consider is if you are having both ears done at once, for a few days its too pain full to sleep on a fresh pierced ear!! i tend to get mine done in two’s, but on the same ear- but i had a temporary corset peircing which was 22 down my back all done at once!

  8. there’s nothing say you can’t, i got 4 in my ears at the same time once, the only bad thing is trying to sleep and the cleaning process

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