How much and how long does a monroe piercing swell?

I’m thinking about getting a monroe piercing. I would like to know how much it swells and how long they usually stay swollen. Also does it hurt after you get it done?

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  1. The swelling just depends on the person.

    The pain also depends on the person but it will hurt a bit after too yes because it’ll rub due to the long post.

  2. I have mine done and mine only was for two days. It didn’t hurt at all, only when it got caught under my teeth when I opened my mouth. I lovvvveeeeee it. :)

  3. The swelling will depend on each person.

    I got my lip done with my friend same time and everything. Mine was swollen for only like 5 hours and then swelled a couple weeks later when It got caught on something and irrateded and that time was swollen for a week.

    My friends was swollen for 2 months straight.

    It doesnt hurt so bad. Mine only hurt when he tightened the ball on the stud. and only bugged me for a hour or so then was just a little sore when it was bumped or hit.

  4. Mine swelled for a couple of days and it wasn’t even obvious, you could hardly tell, but it can last for up to 2 weeks.
    Mine hurt a tiny bit for about an hour or 2 after I got it done, but it was hardly noticable. To keep the swelling down you should take some ibuprofen afterwards and you could also put some ice on it.

  5. i pierced mine yesterday and it swelled up like a bitch. looks like i’d been punched in the face, but i put some ice on it and the swelling come right down :)

  6. Like everyone else says: it all depends on the person.
    Mine did not hurt AT ALL when I was getting it done, but afterwards, it hurt a lot. Especially when I would smile and/or laugh because it would rub against my gums and get caught underneath my teeth (it sucks, because I’m always laughing or smiling, and it gets caught A LOT :/).
    I got my done 4 days ago, and my lip JUST swelled up yesterday morning. Mine looks like I got punched in the face too, and it’s pretty obvious….since most people commented on my SWOLLEN lip before my actual piercing :P
    But yeah, just depends on the person!!! :D

  7. I just got mine done 3 days ago, and like everyone says i look like i was sucker punched.

    But every person is different. Mine seems to have swollen up more in the last few days, but its cause i tried to eat a big ol’ sub! Smaller foods are better, juuuussttt sayyyiiinng.

  8. I freaken love mine…but it keeps getting caught on a tooth tha sits higher then the right side I jus got mine dne yesterday. After swelln gb n I put a shorter bar if it still rubs il b switchng sides….other then that its my fav piercing

  9. i just pierced mine by myself last night and everything was fine. i woke up & my right side of my top lip is swollen and looks like i got punched. im worried that it’ll stay like that. /: what do i do?

  10. I got mine done 2 days ago, I cannot notice any swelling at all yet. The piercing itself didn’t really hurt. And the after pain, it kind of just feels like I have a canker sore. Nothing too bothersome.

  11. My boyfriend pierced mine two nights ago but I had to take it out because of my parents so he did it again yesterday and the swelling has not gone down at all. Even when the piercing is out. Will it stay this way?

  12. Okay, so my friend pierced my Monroe yesterday, he is a piercer so I wasnt worried. Well now I’m kinda trippin’ balls because my lip is HUGE. And I dont know if this is like normal…I tried to ice it and took ibuprofen and NOTHING has happened. It’s still the same as yesterday. Can anyone tell me if this is normal or whatever? its not pussing of anything just red and hella swollen Thanks (:

  13. Okay, i read through almost all of these and i am still un-sure. Could someone who has had there pierced for awhile, answer my questions? One, If it swells how big will it get? Two, does it hurt to get pierced? Three, how long does it usually hurt for? Four, when you first get it done is so swollen and red that it will look bad? Five, is it easy to get infected? Six, will it hurt or (sting) when i eat or drink? Seven, how long would it be after getting it pierced that i could eat bigger foods? (as in apples, sandwiches,ect.)
    I think that is all the questions i have, someone please answer them soon :)
    Also, i have 3 cartilage piercings, 7 lobe piercings, an industrial, my nose, and my belly button pierced. Incase you wanted to compare the Monroe to one of those to see how bad itll hurt :)

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