How much does the average medium sized tattoo on the ankle cost?

I am planning on getting my first tattoo with my two best friends. We are planning on getting 3 butterflies on our ankle. Each butterfly will be two colors. We have no idea how much tattoos cost and would really like to have an idea.

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  1. Most tattoo places charge about 100 an hour. Even if it’s under an hour, they will most likely still charge you for the full hour. It varies from place to place, but if you find a cheap tattoo artist, i recommend saving your pennies and go to another…

  2. No clue…I get mine free, but for a medium sized name, it’s usually $40. I wouldn’t know about the butterflies thing.

  3. The price will vary depending on the tattoo shop. Some places charge more for custom tattoos, but typically they charge by the hour or the size of the tattoo. The place I went to charged by the hour, which was $80/hour. My friend went to a place that charged $25/square inch. Either way will come out to about the same cost.

  4. i stay in india n ma friend got an angle done on her ankle.its about 12 Cm’s long and it costed her rs 4000 viz abt 80 dollars…

  5. Go to the tattoo parlor and ask.


    I have no idea what “medium” is supposed to mean.

  6. It depends on the size and the detail work. You should just go to the shop and ask them. Some shops have a 50.00 minimum so it’s best to ask them directly.

  7. My body is covered with tats so I’ve been to several shops. I’d say that your tat would run around $75 or so. It depends on the shop. I would definitely say to shop around. If you find a shop that is cheaper than others, it DOES NOT mean that they do poor work. Maybe their overhead costs are cheaper, maybe they do it part-time & not as a full-time career, maybe they are the sole artist so they do not have to pay other employees, etc…. Obviously, if it costs one place $3000 per month to run their business they will charge more than someone who only pays $1000/month.

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