How much would a Ring Finger Tattoo cost?

I live in NY State, and am planning on getting a tattoo on my finger for my birthday, just wondering on how much a plain black inked tattoo of a word or cross would cost approx?
this will be my first tattoo so i just want to do something small and simple. and that I can cover up with one of my rings If I ever need be!

5 thoughts on “How much would a Ring Finger Tattoo cost?

  1. I have 3 tattoos which are costing me about $1450 to remove… add that to your bill.

  2. I’m not quite sure because I’m sure every place is different. You could call them and ask them. I read somewhere that places have a minimum rate of 50-75 dollars no matter how small it is so maybe around there? hope it helps but I would call some place to know for sure.

  3. 50 to 75.. finger tattoos tend to fade and bleed out a lot just something to think about as well

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