How soon is it safe to apply sunscreen to a new tattoo?

I have had my tattoo for a week, and it is doing beautifully! I have diligently followed the aftercare instructions my artist provided. My question is pertaining the use of sunscreen. The tattoo has peeled and is now sort of grainy/dry, but very clean, to look at. I have NO plans to be in the sun directly with it (I do not lay out or roam the beach, etc.), but I would like to know if sunscreen over the tattoo is appropriate yet for times when I may *indirectly* be exposed to the sun. These might include gardening, being in the yard, playing with dogs, going for a walk, etc. The tattoo is on my inner wrist, so it’s not “showing” all the time.

At this point, would a sunscreen be appropriate, or an irritant?
I purchased a Neutrogena SPF 30 stick of sunscreen that looks like a smaller version of a deodorant stick :), and I’m not sure if the ingredients would harm or fade, or irritate my freshly inked tattoo. Could anyone with experience advise on this, please? Thanks so much!

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  1. After your new tattoo(s) are healed, you should apply sunscreen on ALL your tattoos whenever you are going to get them into the sunlight for prolonged periods. This will help protect them from the UV rays and keep them looking great longer.

  2. tattoos take two weeks to heal entirely (usually) you ALWAYS wear sunblock on them. not sunscreen. sunblock will keep your tattoo brighter than sunscreen.

  3. It only takes about a week (or 2 at the most) for your tattoo to heal. After that you should put sunblock on it if its going to be in direct sunlight, especially if it has color in it! I have 3 black and grey tattoos and i never put sunblock on them and they are fine, but I do know people that have color tattoos that fade real fast because they don’t use sunblock. Either way, putting sunblock on your tattoos as long as they are healed is never a bad thing!

  4. Yout tat is healed enough, go ahead and get sunblock on it regularly. You dont want it to burn and then peel, it’ll end up fading quicker!

    Doesnt matter what kind you use, I like the Banana Boat products, but thats just my personal preferrence. Neutrogena also makes an awesome sunblock, go with at least a 30spf, or higher.

  5. I recently got a colored tattoo on my foot 6 days ago. I totally forgot that the following weekend I would be spending the wked at the beach. My tat is not fully healed and I was wondering if I could put sunscreen on it yet? I know I can’t get into the water but I would like to know if its safe to apply sunscreen on it since its only 6 days old. Please someone with experience help me!

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  8. I just got a big piece on my upper thigh 9 days ago and I would like to know if I can put sun block on it yet also it has peeled but it is very glossy.

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