How to close the open pores on face?

My face got a good glow, but the problem is i have some open pores on my cheeks. Can some one suggest me a remedy to get rid of them permanently.

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  1. try to find some type of pore-minimizing facial cleanser line or something.

    I think Biore has a line.

    Biore is a pretty good brand, so I would trust it to work.

    Also, try to find a good make-up that can cover large poors, without filling them up with goop. That can cause nasty acne.

  2. i used to use hot hot water to open my pores to clean my face and then splash cold cold water on to close them back up. other than that i dont know. if know someone whos skin just isnt that great and their are just naturally big. if thats the case then prolly nothing

  3. You cannot permanently get rid of them, but you can use a toner to tighten them, or I found this suggestion too:

    A few drops of spearmint oil in bath water has a refreshing effect while a facial steam helps cleanse and tighten pores

  4. use a toner, they close up the pores! cleansers open them up… if u hav a daily routine of cleansing, toning and moisturising, u should have great looking skin

  5. Thorough cleaning with a mild particulate (with beads or ground walnut shells, etc.) scrub first to clean out the pores, pat dry then use an astringent (causes tightening of the pores) such as Witch Hazel. Good Luck!

  6. Sorry, but there’s nothing you can do except wait. they’ll close up in their own good time. Meanwhile, I suggest you keep them clean and don’t mess around with them. They’ll go away if you keep good hygiene.

  7. Hi there

    Steam will open pores, cold will close them, but also lock in what ever bacteria was not cleansed out causing blemishes.

    Steam face, clease (I use Avon Anew 2 in 1 cleanser), rinse with very warm water to ensure you are rinsing the pores clean, then tone (Again, I use Anew toner), then apply a moisturizer (I use Anew’s heavy cream).

    The best low end product line for men is the new L’Oreal mens products sold by the mens shaving supplies. For women I love the new Thermal Oil of Olay products.

    When in doubt…Clinique’s three step is great for men & women.

    Good luck!

  8. There are many things to do about it. You could buy products(Boire, etc) or you could take care of it at home: Try using hot water to open them up, clean your face, then use cold water to close them up.

  9. Like the others said, cold water and ice closes up the pores. I have a friend who dips her face in ice water every morning after she washes it. Her skin is beautiful. I haven’t tried it…dipping my face in ice water at 6am isn’t too appealing to me, but she swears by it. Good Luck!

  10. the best thing that i have find is the mary kay even complexion essense it make my pores all most go away and i have big pores it great

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